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Dustin, Martina, Marisol, Sofia and Sarah from the final

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Dustin, Martina, Marisol, Sofia and Sarah from the final

The report cards of the fifth episode of Maria De Filippi’s Amici evening show on Saturday 20 April. An episode in which two contestants had to leave the program. In fact, the singer-songwriter Lil Jolie was eliminated after the final ballot of the last episode, while the name of this evening is that of Aurora Ranvestel and consequently that of Gaia De Martino.

Sofia during the fifth episode of Maria De Filippi’s Amici evening

The embarrassing pantomime of the entrance of the three judges: vote. My eyes are bleeding. Malgioglio in playback, Giofrè half naked and with a chest as greasy as even a tuna in a can, Michele Bravi singing without any feeling: but why is she peracottarata?

Lil Jolie: Missed vote. He fared badly in the run-off test, on the other hand he had difficulties throughout the week in preparing ‘Cercami’ by Renato Zero. However, if well directed and guided in the right way, this girl can go far. You just need to have a precise focus and be able to manage anxiety in the best way.

Rudy Zerbi: vote Low batteries. Is it possible that we will never be able to give him a microphone with the batteries running out? At least we don’t hear the nonsense he says. She’s chilling.

Holden: voto Otite. Which is what I wish I had every time I hear his autotune whine. Forgive him Michael, understood as Rem’s genius Stipe, for the way he shredded ‘Everybody hurts’. Unfortunately he doesn’t know how intense this song should be. He also ruins Neffa. Don’t let him touch anything anymore, only his unpublished ones. For heaven’s sake, don’t make him cry over real songs anymore.

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Sofia: Pazzeska vote. To paraphrase Miss Keta, I say that she is Crazy. She flies on stage, she has personality, energy, drive, talent: she has it all. But really everything. It is a constantly growing phenomenon.

This thing is that the judges don’t vote: I vote Ok then I’ll go shopping and I won’t pay because I don’t feel like it. But are we serious? But is this news that someone doesn’t feel like doing the job they’re hired to do? No because, if we clear it, new metaverses open up to us. Go digging, go.

Marisol: vote The world of dance knows, but we too have understood that it is atomic. I repeat myself: give her a cup, a ham, a theater, twelve thousand contracts, give her everything possible. Because she deserves everything and more. If you don’t let them win at least the dance circuit, I’ll go crazy.

Mida: vote He wants to travel the world with autotune music, but is he serious? The duet with Sarah is interesting only for Sarah’s interpretation. As always, he is saved by how he holds the stage. It’s a shame that he needs his voice like bread to be a singer. And he still has a lot of work to do. He has taken the Spanish drift, which could benefit him. One summer hit a year and off you go.

Dustin: vote Bomb. He just lacked a little intensity and now he’s achieved it. What do we want to tell them if not a huge “Sign here” on all possible contracts? He’s a complete professional, let’s give him a final with Marisol, Sofia and Martina and we’re good to go. If he were at five, I would also add Sarah.

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Petit: voto Zzzzzzzzz. Having now established that Geolier 4.0 should avoid it like the plague, on ‘Sciccherie’ it is almost credible. Of course, there is that little autotune problem which is quite unbearable and which unfortunately risks jeopardizing his career. Let’s hope he understands it, sooner or later.

Sarah Toscano: Pazzi vote. Those who send it to the ballot are evidently disconnected from the world. But have you seen how much this girl is improving episode after episode? She’s a talent and you don’t realize it, but are you deaf?

Martina: vote But what are we talking about? We’re still waiting to give her the singing circuit trophy just because we have to make more bets, right? There is no other plausible reason to postpone her consecration. “You shouted this song too much” comments Cristiano Malgioglio. Of course, the song is ‘Stranei starting from yesterday’ by the screamer par excellence Alessandra Amoroso. Should she have whispered it?

Aurora: vote So much for the substitute. Bring her back for the next season of the talent show, come on. On stage she is explosive. Okay, she’s already been to the school last year. But since she was out due to injury we might as well give her another chance. Yes.

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