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e-Novia first in the world: wins the race for self-driving cars in Las Vegas

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Record upon record. After having crushed the record for maximum speed in tests (over 280 per hour), now “our” e-Novia takes home another medal in the world of self-driving cars: it has won the first race for such cars. It happened over the weekend at the Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, the key event of Ces with a race of the Indy Autonomous Challenge championship.

And we are talking about “absolute primacy” because until now the other races for self-driving cars had always been held with time trials, with the track reserved for one car only. At the Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, however, all the single-seaters took to the race together, shoulder to shoulder.

The unmanned car race in Los Angeles

Here our Italian team E-Novia – PoliMove beat the world competition and, above all, the fierce “TUM Autonomous Motorsport” team of the technical university of Munich. Among the general astonishment because not even the Americans had ever seen a “racecar with nobody at the wheel” go at 300 hours, as the US newspapers headlined. On the other hand, it should be remembered that until now, in all the previous races for unmanned cars, it was the race judges who prevented a real race from taking place, with all the cars on the track. Reason? “Too dangerous”. This time, however, no, and the show was of the highest level, with many overtaking and several twists.

The victory of the e-Novia PoliMove team at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

A big step forward for the Indy Autonomous Challenge championship. But also for Italian technology. “We are proud – explained to us Vincenzo Russi, Co-Founder and CEO of e-Novia – of this extraordinary result in an international competition that involved the main universities in the world. It is the demonstration of the level of innovation and preparation that the “Italy can boast in this area. E-Novia – concluded Russi – has contributed, with its professionals, to developing the excellence of an industrial model capable of providing advanced and cutting-edge solutions for the sustainable mobility of the future” . Yes, because the transfer of technology from these races to the production cars will be very fast and of great importance.


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