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E-sports tide out of the box” super multiplayer fun can also customize the battlefield! “Battlefield 2042” listed today | E-sports | New head shell Newtalk

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“Battlefield 2042” is officially released today.Picture: EA/Provided

The first-person shooter game “Battlefield 2042”, developed by DICE Game Studio and published by EA, was officially released today (19) after announcing the postponement of its launch in September.In addition to havingIn addition to the largest, detailed and most populated map in the series, new elements have been added that allow players to customize the battlefield, Let the editor of “New Head Shell” show you the content lazy pack of “Battlefield 2042” today!

The background setting of

The background setting of “Battlefield 2042” is full of apocalyptic style.Picture: EA/Provided

The background of “Battlefield 2042” is set in 2042 when resources such as food, energy, and even clean water are scarce. Under the apocalyptic background that the “unnaturalized” composed of civilians, farmers, engineers, and soldiers are declining or even disintegrating in most countries Depend on each other. In this catastrophe, the two powers of the United States and Russia continued to involve the resource-poor world into wars and recruited soldiers from declining countries. Players will play the role known as “experts”, while surviving in the wasteland, they will also fight to negotiate and stop the war.

Unlike the previous series, “Battlefield 2042”The previous “arms” system that restricted players’ equipment has been cancelled and replaced by ten experts with personal background stories and exclusive “expertises” and “characteristics”. However, it is worth noting that each expert will still be classified according to the classic arms of the “Battlefield” series: scouts, assault soldiers, and support soldiers.andThe implementation of the expert system can be said to provide players with more team-matching options while also reducing the dependence of single-handed players on the team.

There are three game modes in “Battlefield 2042”. The first one includes the “Conquest” mode that allows the two teams to compete around the “defensive stronghold” and the focus on variability, leaving players in a chaotic scene. Of the two parts of the “Breakthrough” mode in which each other competes for the target locationAll-out Warfare.In this mode, players will be able to have fun with up to 128 players on the 7 most extensive maps in the history of the series.The most magnificent and most sandboxed new work in the series

existHazard ZoneIn the model, after the global power outage disaster in 2040 caused the number of satellites to drop by 70%, the relationship between the United States and Russia gradually became tense. After temporary low-orbit satellites replaced the original satellites as intelligence gathering methods,The player will lead the team inA tornado may disrupt the situationLow-orbit satellites, Collect hard drives to earn “black market currency” and successfully withdraw. In this mode,Players can team up or fight against other 31 players to experience the excitement of survival games

The new expert system provides more convenience for solo players.Picture: EA/Provided

The new expert system provides more convenience for solo players.Picture: EA/Provided

finally, PortalIt is also one of the important points of “Battlefield 2042”,Players can use the various tools provided by the system to create their own creative mode or revisit the classic content of the previous work.. In addition to the 7 new maps included in this work, 6 classic maps from “Battlefield 1942”, “Battlefield: Notorious 2” and “Battlefield 3” have also appeared.In addition to freely choosing maps and modes, players can also customize details such as map visibility, player weapon selection and even custom victory conditions.

Although “Battlefield 2042” has brought many new elements, the game has received a lot of negative reviews after opening some players to play first, exceptLack of some classic elements that resonate with old fansIn addition, players also reflectThere are many bugs to be fixed in the system. It is understood thatAt present, players have discovered more than 30 bugs, Including disasters such as the disappearance of the bulletproof shield of the expert “Bulldozer” or the sound problem of the shooting. Looking forward to the official fixes the bug as soon as possible after the game is launched, so that players can experience “Battlefield 2042” more completely.

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