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[E3 21]SRPG’s new work “Dark Deity” is released to save the world with diversified occupations

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The role-playing game “Dark Deity” (Dark Deity) developed by the independent development team Sword & Axe LLC released a promotional video for the E3 exhibition and was simultaneously listed on the Steam platform.

In “Dark Gods”, players will lead heroes to reshape this piece of land that is fragmented by broken oaths, wars, and mysterious arcane forces. Disasters destroyed the past world, human beings are struggling on the brink of war, and the great ancient civilization and technology are now sealed in temples around the world in Terrazell. King Warrick has accelerated the military school’s students to strengthen the army Training, now the four graduates of the military academy will begin to leave their own historical records in the game world

“Dark God” will test the player’s tactics and lead a team to gain experience from hard battles. The game will provide 54 different professions, each with its own skills and characteristics. Players should choose carefully to respond to various enemy. And the game will have hundreds of upgradeable weapons and spells.

Players will be able to establish friendship with the characters and unite with each other. With different dialogues, the relationship between the characters will be changed, allowing players to feel the life outside the battlefield. Players travel around the world to find ancient artifacts that are sealed, and these artifacts can change the user’s abilities and even fate.


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