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[E3 21]The latest work in the “Shin Goddess Tensei” series “Shin Goddess Tensei V” will be released in Asia on November 11 “SHIN・MEGAMITENSEI V”

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Siya announced at the live broadcast conference of “Nintendo Direct | E3 2021” held today (16) that the latest work of the ATLUS role-playing game “Thanksgiving God” series “Thanksgiving God V” is decided on November 11 ( 4) Available on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Since its publication in 1992, “Thanksgiving Goddess Tensions” has gained popularity with its gloomy worldview, chaotic world themes, and a system full of original elements such as taking demons or gods to fight side by side with demons. And then derives the popular works of “Persona” series and “Devil Summoner” series.

In the “Shin Goddess Tensei V”, in addition to maintaining the unique charm of the series, it also utilizes the performance of the latest console, incorporating high-quality images into it, presenting an unprecedented new demonic experience to players.

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STORY “You (human beings), become gods——”

The protagonist was involved in a tunnel collapse accident. When he sobered up, he found that the place he was in was Tokyo, a deserted desert.

The protagonist who is attacked by the alien existence merges with the enigmatic man who suddenly appeared in front of him, becoming a taboo existence . Gaining the power to fight against the devil, the protagonist wanders in another world .

What happened in Tokyo? What is the so-called Chuangpi?

In the process of pursuing the truth, the protagonist bet on the whole world and plunged into the war between gods and demons.


Looking at the mystery world of a desert , it is full of various gods and demons, such as huge monsters like mountains and huge strange birds flying in the sky. While repelling the demons who swept away with unprecedented force, explore the knowledge.

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The combat aspect is the command system “pursuit round battle” familiar to players. Once the enemy’s weaknesses are attacked skillfully, the battle can be favored, but it should be noted that the enemy will also attack our weaknesses.

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Demons can be recruited as “Nakamo” through “negotiation” in battle. A demon who becomes a Zhongmo can not only “grow”, but also use “fit” to create new companions. Let’s take an adventure with the demons in the where powerful demons will come to attack.

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“The first limited edition information” made public

In Asia, it has also been decided to release the first limited edition “Forbidden Shuangbi” BOX!

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In addition to a large collection of demons and music that embellish “Shin Goddess Tensei V”, it also comes with items that mimic the appearance of the “forbidden existence” protagonist in the game. It is the first limited edition that condenses the charm of this work.

※The opening time for pre-order varies from store to store, please contact each store for details.

<The content of the “Forbidden Creation” BOX >

  1. “Goddess Tensei V” game software
  2. Series Masterpieces String Quartet Adapted Version + “True V” Early Version Mini Original Soundtrack[2 CDs in total 35 songs]
    A carefully selected series of popular music from “True I” to “True 4 FINAL” and adapted with a high-standard string quartet with a religious atmosphere. In addition, it is also complete with the “True V” pre-release mini soundtrack, which is the “Music True Mirror” that has collected all the wisdom of the entire series.
  3. Devil’s True Mirror[A5 anamorphic DVD long box size, 116p]
    Contains a total of more than 200 pictures of the new demons and re-painted demons that appeared in “True V”, as well as a luxurious thick leather cover booklet with explanations.
    ※ The text content has been traditional Chinese culture
  4. Chuang Bi Chao T
    A trendy T designed by mixing and matching the white lines of the protagonist and the blue lines of the blue god, based on the image of the protagonist Chuangbi.
  5. Special collection box
    Based on the “Tree of Wisdom” that appeared in the work, it is a special collection box designed with the eyes of the characters on the scene.

※ The number of limited editions is limited. While sold out.

※ The picture is a sample in production. The content of the product may be changed without notice.

※ “A string quartet adapted version of the famous series + “Goddess Reincarnation V“Early version of the mini soundtrack[35 songs in 2 CDs]” ​​will be available for sale in other CD formats after a period of time since the game was released.

Held sale of “Shin Goddess Tensei III NOCTURNE HD REMASTER”

Game Information

  • 2021 E3 exhibition Bahamut real-time report!

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