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Earth is 4.6 billion years old? Wrong, the “new gray” in the middle of the “old brick” is its reality! | Earth | 4.6 Billion Years | Old Brick | New Ash | Age | Black Hole | Cosmic Fire Pillar | Age

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Earth is 4.6 billion years old? Wrong, the “new gray” in the middle of the “old brick” is its reality! | Earth | 4.6 Billion Years | Old Brick | New Ash | Age | Black Hole | Cosmic Fire Pillar | Age

[Voice of Hope, June 29, 2022](Editor: Chen Wenyun)Toffler’s foreword to Prigokin’s famous book From Chaos to Order. Toffler cites Blaudel’s concept of three time scales, geological time, social time, and personal time. If we look at our earth on such a large scale, we will find that we have nothing to do with this blue planet. Don’t understand.

Speaking of the age of our earth, geologists have found many ancient rocks or ancient land blocks on our earth, such as the Cambrian 500 to 600 million years ago, as well as the Permian, Triassic, Jurassic, etc., and even the older Sinian, etc. Scientists speculate based on the existing bottom layer and unearthed fossils that the earth may have been more than 4.6 billion years old. However, this number is still just speculation, because as we learn more and more about the universe, it is also constantly broadening our minds and enriching our horizons.

A star is the largest single unit that we can see with the naked eye, but even it is so huge that it cannot escape the law of “birth, old age, sickness, and death”. When some massive stars run out of nuclear fusion reaction fuel, their cores A sharp collapse, where all matter collapses rapidly towards a point. At the same time, its outer shell is suddenly blown open, and at that moment it will be billions of times brighter than the sun, becoming a short-lived supernova in space, which is the last brilliance of the star before it dies. At present, the astronomical community has confirmed that if the initial total mass of a star exceeds 25 suns, the mass of the inner core will exceed 3 suns, and the core will collapse into a singularity the size of a soybean, and form a powerful vortex with its enormous energy. Able to distort the surrounding space-time, this plane is the view interface. Once any matter falls here, it will be completely swallowed and decomposed, and even light cannot escape, it is a black hole.

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Black holes have the ultimate destructive power. They are the end of stars, but also the beginning of life. Newborn baby black holes are hungry and will try to devour everything around them, even stars. The gas of the torn star forms a ring-shaped disk, called an accretion disk, that revolves around the black hole outside the event horizon, before being swallowed up. When there is too much gas accreted around the horizon of the black hole, the most spectacular scene in the universe will happen immediately. A part of the gas will move along the strong magnetic field and eject strong energy matter to the two levels at high speed – the “cosmic fire column” jet!

The jets of supermassive black holes encourage new star formation, while the energy from the jets regulates the evolution of galaxies. There are an infinite number of galaxies in the universe, each with a life-giving supermassive black hole at the center, around which entire galaxies revolve, including the Milky Way. Sagittarius A at the center of the Milky Way is a massive black hole. Black holes have established an orderly order for the universe, and this endless, cyclical, and natural order is the most harmonious mercy of the universe!

This concept breaks with the current view of linear development that science upholds, and is closer to the ancients’ “cycle theory” or “reincarnation” theory. The reality of black holes is a kind of physical reincarnation and cycle of the universe under the super-large time and space.

According to this view, it is possible that the earth exploded or collided in the past long years, and then reorganized for some reason, and the newly reorganized earth used the broken rocks or land masses of the old earth to re-accumulate into a new one. Earth. Therefore, in this context, although ancient bottom layers and fossils 4.6 billion years ago have been found on the earth, these fossils may not represent the true age of the earth. The underlying debris after the explosion of the older planet has been misunderstood by scientists. It’s like an old house in the Qing Dynasty was demolished, and someone with a heart built a new villa with the old bricks and materials of the Qing Dynasty. Then you say this villa is a new house? , or the old house of the Qing Dynasty?

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In fact, the house was newly built, but only a few old bricks were used. You can’t argue that the new house is from the Qing Dynasty just because you found a few old bricks in it! So it is very likely that our current earth is just a few “old bricks” from other planets! The data collected by the researchers shows that the new ashes that fill the gaps between the “old bricks” of different ages in many places are about 100 million years old, so these new ashes may be more representative of the reality of the earth this time. age.

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