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easy and healthy weekly diet, start today!

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Following this diet per lose weight structured with a diet weekly perfect for her and for him, about 2 or 3 kg that had accumulated after messing around during a short period that can be a holiday or a weekend away can be lost effortlessly and without depriving themselves of the taste. The goal of a diet per lose weight it is also to lose liquids, consequently the salt should be reduced as much as possible, which, on the contrary, retains them. “In its place you can, for example, curry and saffron, which are always excellent ingredients, use spices to vary the taste of a food that has a very neutral flavor” the nutritionists suggest.


– BREAKFAST: 125 g of non-fat Greek yogurt with 50 g of whole grain oat flakes, berries and nuts.

– SNACK: a seasonal fruit.

– LUNCH: spaghetti with zucchini and swordfish. Green salad. A pack of crackers.

– SNACK: 1 apple and 2 walnuts.

– PRICE: 150 g of chicken marinated in aromatic herbs and grilled. Steamed zucchini. A slice of wholemeal bread.


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