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Easy to use and with WhatsApp: smartphones tailored to the “senior”

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Easy to use and with WhatsApp: smartphones tailored to the “senior”

The concept is self-evident: no one today, except in extreme cases, can be without a mobile phone. Because even for people who are certainly not hungry for social media, selfies and video messages as the elderly usually are, the mobile phone has become an indispensable tool for communicating and sending messages. As well as for a safety issue. It is difficult (but certainly not impossible) for an over 75 to have a latest generation smartphone among their priorities to operate on their home banking, enjoy multimedia apps or organize their physical activity.

And this explains why particular devices are aimed at this range of users, designed to meet specific needs that arise from hearing and sight loss and therefore made with larger icons and with more powerful audio. All without excessively burdening the purchase price. With less than 150 euros, and in many cases even less than 100, you can give your loved ones devices with features to be always connected and just a click away.

The Doro 730X, for example, has the advantage of combining lightness and resistance to shocks and water with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and support for 4G networks in dual Sim mode. The WhatsApp and Facebook apps are pre-installed and among its virtues there is a 3 Megapixel camera and the microSd memory card slot. Another sui generis smartphone is Apolo by Spc, also natively equipped with WhatsApp and with the Android operating system on board. Its plus? The large icons and the central Sos button, which can be activated immediately in case of need. A specialist in the field of telephony for the elderly is therefore Brondi.

The Amico Smartphone family also focuses on the aesthetic factor, as well as on the indispensable ease of use, and is declined in different models that vary in specifications and costs. The common denominator is the touch interface, the standard presence of Skype and WhatsApp for messages and video calls, a convenient LED flashlight, the 5 MP rear camera and the Sos button. And then the add-on perhaps most important: a remote control function that allows a trusted person to change the settings of the Smartphone Friend with a simple SMS sent from their mobile phone.

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