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easy weekly diet with the right sugars!

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The diet per lose weight which you find below with a diet weekly, perfect for her and for him, allows you to lose 2/3 kilos a week, breaking free from sugar addiction and losing abdominal fat. Which in addition to weighing down the whole figure is also risky because it is not inert: it creates hormones that interfere with the well-being of the body. Start this today diet weekly with a flat stomach effect!


– BREAKFAST: a cup of unsweetened coffee or tea. A small crepe made with an egg.

– SNACK: 25 g of shelled almonds.

– LUNCH: 50 g of wholemeal orecchiette topped with boiled turnip greens and chilli. 150 g of grilled chicken breast. Steamed Brussels sprouts.

– SNACK: a cup of blueberries topped with lemon juice.

– PRICE: mixed vegetable soup. 200 g of steamed salmon cubes with a teaspoon of sesame seeds.


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