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Eat honey once a day: benefits, blood sugar and effects on the heart

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Eat honey once a day: benefits, blood sugar and effects on the heart

Honey is widely used for its delicate flavor and beneficial properties, but perhaps not everyone knows when it is best to add it to their diet: let’s find out which conditions favor honey. Treasure! A food that we have learned to appreciate since time immemorial, we owe it to the work of the bees that produce it, from collecting the nectar of the flower to transforming it into what is actually a sweet and golden liquid, which is honey. As a reserve food for the hive, it is, in fact, collected, preserved and preserved in the most difficult periods of the year, such as when there are no flowers in winter and the bees cannot fly due to the cold.

Components of honey

Honey contains many health beneficial nutrients and many active ingredients. In particular, it consists of carbohydrates such as water, fructose, glucose and maltose, as well as vitamins and various enzymes such as amylase and invertase. It is also rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and sulfates. Finally, it contains many pigments, organic acids, tannins and other aromatic substances that have many beneficial effects on our health.

Prefer honey to sugar

Honey has a very sweet taste and is appreciated for this property and also because it brings energy to the body.
As we have seen, the main components of honey are basically made up of simple sugars, in particular fructose is the main component. This sugar is well metabolized by the body and does not cause very high blood sugar spikes, but releases energy in a more modulated and scaled way. Conversely, the common monosaccharide (sucrose) which is the main ingredient in white cooking sugar produces very high blood sugar spikes that prompt the body to produce insulin. Therefore, we can prefer honey and replace it with white sugar, which is good for our health and our figure. For diabetes, honey is preferable to white sugar, although the quantity must be contained. In fact, in the case of diabetics, the presence of glucose in honey can still cause blood sugar spikes, which in diabetics must be strictly controlled.

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Prefer honey when health is declining

Honey has many health properties, so it is the first choice whenever we are in poor health. For example, honey helps strengthen the immune system and is a natural anti-inflammatory, which is why it is used as a medicine or is at risk for seasonal illnesses such as colds, flu, coughs, phlegm and other respiratory problems. Gastrointestinal mucosa, promotes healing through a healing action. Additionally, honey detoxifies the liver, is a great antibacterial when taken on an empty stomach, lowers bad cholesterol levels, and is good for the heart. Honey also has beneficial effects on the brain, improving memory and relaxing the nervous system when we eat too much honey. The ideal is to take an herbal tea with a spoonful of honey before going to bed.

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