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Eat these 5 foods and the mosquitoes will run away from you

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Eat these 5 foods and the mosquitoes will run away from you

The arrival of summer brings with it not only positive things such as beautiful sunny days, but also the return of insects and among these the most annoying, namely mosquitoes. Mosquitoes find their victims with their nose. In particular, their sensory organs are instructed in a detailed and precise manner on the sources of carbon dioxide and lactic acid, because these chemicals are “dear” to them as they show them the way to warm-blooded animals, as indeed the human beings.

These small animals, however, tend to affect people compared to others, this is also for the reason of the smell and not because mosquitoes prefer certain types of blood, as people sometimes believe. Each of us has a peculiar smell, a kind of aromatic fingerprint.

There are different types of different aromatic compounds that produce the perfume and some of these have a camouflage effect for lactic acid. If any of these compounds can happen to be embossed in your aromatic fingerprint, they tend to make you less perceptible to mosquitoes. Other compounds act as attractants, making some people not only visible to mosquitoes but magnets for these insects. About 10% of the population are mosquito magnets. There are various methods to be less “palatable” to these insects. We will now list five foods that will help you with this.

Eat these 5 foods and the mosquitoes will run away from you

Basil, lavender and mint, these aromatic herbs are excellent for chasing away mosquitoes. If you eat, they cause our body to release an unpleasant odor to mosquitoes through the skin.

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Then we have the garlic. There is a chance it won’t be able to keep only the mosquito away from you, but garlic is a real natural repellent. In fact, its main active ingredient, allicin, is also removed through sweat. The acrid smell it gives to the skin is very unwelcome to insects, including mosquitoes.

If you like black pepper, add it to your dishes because it contains a substance called acylpipedrin which is released together with sweat, defending us from annoying stings. Finally the grapefruit. Eaten natural or in the form of juice, grapefruit contains a natural substance with a strong insecticidal power, nootkatone. Green light, therefore, to grapefruit juices considered the king of anti mosquito foods.

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