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Eating alone? it’s not good for your health, that’s why

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Eating alone? It could significantly worsen your health: here are the reasons and what you risk in eating meals alone

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A myriad of symbols have been built around the table: the table has become a symbol of unity, of family, of domestic hearth. Just as eating alone has over time taken on the negative value of loneliness e sadness. To date, we have tried many times to demystify this moment: we are convinced that there is nothing wrong with eating alone, that it is okay.

And if on a social level this can also be true, that is, in being alone there is nothing wrong, that the human being will also be a social animal but certainly cannot always live in a herd, on the other hand ours health is truly affected medically. Let’s see in what sense.

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Eating alone increases the risk of depression and obesity

often alone you eat badly (pixabay)

Why is eating alone bad for us? The answer opens up glimmers of reflection bordering on the disturbing: because we control ourselves less. Ergo, we eat worse. The others serve as a barrier, a control, even if involuntary. When we are alone we eat either a lot more or a lot less. That’s not all: we not only eat the wrong quantities but often also the quality. The temptation of junk food it’s strong: maybe we get bored of cooking just for us and then we go to fast food.

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This increases the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease, especially in men. On the other hand, the situation is different for elderly women who tend, if alone, to almost or completely omit meals: for them the risk of exposing themselves to different diseases it is higher than for men.

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