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Eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away: the reason

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Eating an apple a day is extremely beneficial for our health, given all the benefits of this fruit. Let’s see what they are.

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The saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” it seems to have a scientific basis. In fact, the apple, a seasonal fruit, is rich in nutrients, vitamins, mineral salts and elements capable of strengthening our immune system. Let’s see 4 good reasons why eat an apple a day it could avert the risk of contracting diseases.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away: the scientific explanation

The apple is a very versatile autumn fruit and suitable for any type of preparation. It also contains many essential nutrients and useful for protecting our immune defenses. Especially in winter, our immune system tends to be at greater risk from flu, viruses and seasonal ailments. This is why eating an apple a day could be extremely beneficial for our health. Our grandmothers were right, apples have a lot of benefits.

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Just think of the Cooked apples and their digestive properties, or the high fiber content that removes the danger of cholesterol. Let’s see 4 reasons why eating an apple a day is a healthy habit to acquire.

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1) Anti oxidant and anti aging properties

L’aging it is a natural phenomenon that belongs to all human beings. However, part of the aging process can be directly controlled. By claiming a healthy and balanced diet, rich in foods that contain elements in contrast with free radicals, it will be possible to prevent aging.

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Scientists are always looking for a method to counter the passage of time and one of the latest research is based on the anti-aging action of fisetina, contained in apples, strawberries, onions, persimmons and kiwis. Recent experiments have in fact confirmed that the administration of fisetin would significantly extend the maximum life span of a human being.

2) Contain soluble fiber to prevent cholesterol

the fibre they are essential for a balanced and healthy diet. Their content is useful for keeping bad cholesterol levels at bay and for preventing the onset of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. According to the latest research, eating an apple a day unpeeled would meet the daily fiber requirement of a standard diet (about 4.4 grams per day).

3) They are useful for preventing asthma

Today, cities are increasingly polluted and the risk of contracting respiratory diseases grows out of all proportion. In particular, more and more people suffer fromasthma, a lung disease. Apples seem to contain fundamental elements capable of safeguarding lung health and averting the danger of these diseases.

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4) They help you lose weight

Apples are natural fruits, not artificially created in the laboratory, made up of fibers and water. It does not take science to understand that consuming this food, as an alternative to potato chips or sugary snacks, can reduce the percentage of daily calories, contributing to weight loss. Nutritionists in fact recommend the consumption of at least three apples a day to obtain evident results.

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