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Eating cucumbers: that’s what matters | > – Guide – Garden

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Eating cucumbers: that’s what matters |  > – Guide – Garden

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Cucumber plants can be pinched to prevent fungal diseases and increase yield. Which shoots are removed and which cucumbers does this make sense at all?

Opinions differ on how important it is to cut cucumbers. Some consider it superfluous, others hope for particularly tasty and large fruits, as is the case with tomatoes. In any case, the removal of superfluous shoots, the so-called stingy shoots, cannot do any harm. If you like, you can simply try it out.

What Are the Benefits of Pinching Cucumbers?

In general, cucumbers that climb upwards can be pruned, but the shoots of outdoor cucumbers that grow on the ground do not have to be pruned. Which parts of the plant are removed when picking cucumbers does not follow any strict rules. The aim is always to ensure that the fruit is optimally supplied with nutrients and that the cucumber plant is protected from the spread of diseases. The pinching of cucumbers on the trellis also ensures that shoots do not break off under the heavy weight of many fruits.

Climbing cucumbers: Remove the lower parts of the plant

Cucumbers, also known as snake cucumbers, are usually raised using trellises in order to be able to grow as many plants as possible in a small area. So that the little space – for example in the greenhouse – can be used optimally, it is best to concentrate on cultivating one to a maximum of two main shoots.

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The squeezing out reduces the risk of fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, which often spread in too dense, warm and humid foliage. For this reason, all side shoots including flower buds below a height of 50 centimeters are snapped off with your fingers as early as possible. For thicker side shoots, simply use a knife or secateurs. This allows the air to circulate better and there is no risk of leaves and fruit lying on the ground.

Which shoots should you pinch out on cucumbers?

To get the most out of it, grab the shoot with your thumb and forefinger and move it slightly, it will then break off by itself.

As with tomatoes, the so-called stinging shoots form in the leaf axils of cucumbers, i.e. between the main shoot and a side shoot. This is a leaf shoot that can be snapped out early with your fingers. Caution: Flowers also form in the leaf axils, which could be confused with the leaves at an early stage. These should not be removed. Before removing shoots, always make sure that it is not the main shoot that grows directly out of the ground.

Stingy shoots don’t grow back

As the cucumber plant continues to grow, make sure that no more than two fruit buds form on each side shoot. Surplus flower buds and shoots can also be regularly pinched out here, which strengthens the targeted growth of the fruit. If the cucumber plant is too tall, simply cut off the top shoot. Unlike with tomatoes, shoots that have been removed do not grow back.

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Outdoor cucumbers do not have to be pinched

Compared to lettuce or snake cucumbers, which are guided vertically upwards, outdoor cucumbers, such as pickled cucumbers, spread horizontally in the bed without any climbing aids. They don’t have to be spelled out. However, if the cucumbers spread too much, the corresponding shoots can be cut off.

Further information

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