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Eating dark chocolate is good for your health: here’s why

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Eating dark chocolate is good for your health: here’s why

There are many chocolate lovers who, however, avoid it in order not to gain weight. However, they don’t know that in the right quantity, chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is very good for health. There are various types of chocolate, but some are better than others for our health, in fact we see the beneficial properties above all in the one that contains a higher percentage of cocoa than the 70%, that is dark chocolate, which however not many like because it is too bitter. Let’s see what are the benefits of this product.

Eating dark chocolate is good for your health: here’s why

We have most of the benefits thanks to the antioxidants, the flavonoids, which help the heart and everything the cardiorespiratory system. These antioxidants are important because they also help slow down cellular aging. Chocolate also contains theobromine and tryptophan. The former has beneficial effects on vasodilation and helps lower blood pressure. The second however, is an antidepressant which and transforms into serotonin and improves mood. Then there are large concentrations of caffeine, which has stimulating properties also helping concentration. Finally, there are polyphenols that help strengthen the skin immunitary defense.

However, these properties are greater in dark chocolate, so you have to prefer it over the others. We can find different percentages of cocoa, i.e. 60%, 70%, 85%, 99% and 100% pure, on the basis of which the flavor also changes, becoming increasingly bitter as it increases. It is therefore recommended to take the more bitter one, but in any case you can start with the 60% one, and then gradually increase the percentage more and more.

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But be careful not to abuse it, since it is still a food rich in fat and could lead to weight gain. In fact, a maximum of 30 grams is recommended for infrequent consumption and 10 grams for daily consumption.

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