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Eating the apple with the peel is bad: here is the truth!

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Eating the apple with the peel is bad: here is the truth!

The question is always the same, eat there mela is it good or bad with the peel? Today in our article we will finally find out if it is convenient to eat apples with the peel or without. As with many other fruits, apples should also be consumed together with their peel. In fact it is precisely within it that most of the main nutrients. Despite everything, however, there may also be some side effects on consuming the peel of our apples. So let’s find out what can happen if we don’t consume them correctly.

First of all, our advice is to make sure you buy organic apples when we go to our trusted greengrocer. This way we will be safer not to hire gods dangerous pesticides. Often in fact to cultivate the bodies special chemical agents are used to increase production and make the product appear shiny and free of imperfections, but which spoil the whole fruit. In case, however, we cannot purchase any organic apples we remind you to wash them carefully and scrupulously before consuming them. Especially if we decide not to remove the peel.

Eat the apple with the peel it can turn out to be a habit that can be healthy and unhealthy at the same time. We must certainly start by seeing what are both positive and negative aspects. There peel in fact it contains most of the fibers and vitamins contained in the whole fruit and these are essential for our body and above all for the regularity of our intestine. If we consume the mela without the peel, for example, we will be able to take only 2 grams of fiber while, consuming it with all the peel, we will double this value.

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In short, eat the apple with the peel it is definitely a good habit. But that’s not all. There peel of applesin fact, it also contains the resulting substances anticancer for our body, that is i triterpenoidi and according to recent university studies they could even inhibit and kill cancer cells in laboratory cultures. Above all, they have a certain effect on those that could develop in our liver, colon and breast. So our advice is to consume apples with the peel but always pay close attention to the products you buy, because if full of pesticides, all the qualities that the peel has would backfire for possible poisoning due to the pesticides present on it. !

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