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Eating Too Much Red Meat Is Bad for Your Health: The Study

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Eating too much meat, especially red meat, is bad for our body, for this reason it must be avoided to counteract the development of serious diseases.

Fighting Diseases by Avoiding Meat (Photo from Pixabay)

Eating too much meat, especially red meat, is bad for our body, for this reason it must be avoided to counter the development of serious diseases. It has been ascertained that in the parts of the world where there is greater trade and consumption of red meat, it is easier to develop serious diseases of various kinds.

It is certainly not new, eating too much meat hurts us and also leads to the birth of serious illnesses related to the diet. The British Medical Journal Global Health provided the data collected for his research and highlighted the incidence of various diseases based on red meat intake.

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Less meat, especially red, and more health: the result of the research

Red meat is bad for your health
Red meat is bad for your health (photo from Pixabay)

The British Medical Journal research result was based on data collected over more than thirty years. It was highlighted how the heavy consumption of red meat has affected the birth of serious diseases such as tumors, diabetes and heart attacks. The peoples who consume dishes containing red meats the most have developed more diseases.

Pork, beef, lamb, goat, but also other types of processed meat, lead to the development of health problems in our body. The more meat, especially red meat, is consumed, the greater the risk of contracting and developing serious diseases. Over the past thirty years, especially in developing countries, there has been an increase in diet-related diseases.

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In America or Eastern Europe, for example, with the increase in meat production, non-communicable diseases have also increased dramatically. The increase in meat consumption has caused various cancers, heart attacks, diabetes in the population, tripling the deaths compared to previous decades. If too much meat is eaten, there is a greater chance of developing cancers of any kind.

Excessive meat consumption wears down the human organism. Especially red meat or sausages, containing various preservatives, are bad for our health. These are the words of Cristina Bosetti, head of tumor epidemiology unit at the Mario Negri IRCCS Pharmacological Research Institute. And he adds that red meat, when cooked, generates toxic substances and bad fats, affecting diabetes and heart attacks.

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Nations with fewer food varieties are at greater risk because they always eat the same foods. There Mediterranean diet it is the best because, in addition to being the healthiest, it is also the most varied. The countries of north-eastern Europe are those most at risk of diet-related diseases, and in percentage they develop more cancers and cardiovascular disorders than southern Europe. Obviously, it is the quantity that causes damage, moderate consumption is always the best thing.

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