Home Health Eating yogurt helps you lose weight, but only in this way

Eating yogurt helps you lose weight, but only in this way

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Eating yogurt helps you lose weight, but only in this way

Lo yogurt it is one of the foods that are included in weight loss diets. Lightweight, low in calories and rich in protein, also very digestible. Yogurt helps you lose weight but only in a specific way. Do you want to know which one?

Eating yogurt makes you lose weight – choose this

However, not everyone is capable of make you lose weight and are good for your health. Because they often have a lot of sugars or preservatives. It often happens that some whites also have grape juice which, although it evokes a natural ingredient, makes it more sugary. Like sucrose, it also raises blood sugar and promotes fat gain.

What you should eat for the diet is just that yogurt greco. Contains protein, helps with weight loss and is also very digestible. Low-calorie and low in sugar, some brands add milk cream which improves the taste, but always remains low-calorie!

You can choose in the full version, substantial but complete and suitable for breakfast or to replace a meal; or in those 2% and 0% fatwith fewer calories suitable for snacks and withaddition of almonds and fruit. They are all a powerhouse of protein, but they are healthy and good for health compared to the lean or normal ones you find at the grocery store. The important thing is to always choose it white, that is “Greek style” without syrups, fruit and more that are harmful and useless.

To lose weight quickly

A study confirms that those who eat it daily are thinner. It is no coincidence that it is recommended for diets and especially for ketogenic. This is confirmed by some research published in theInternational Journal of Obesity.

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Experts claim that consuming one yogurt per day is associated with a higher lean mass index, with a smaller waistline. The simplest and safest choice is that of one yogurt Greek white. It guarantees a excellent digestion, does not ferment and is also suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. Helps manage fat by deflating the belly.

Plus, it contains calcium and vitamin B12, helps keep bones healthy, keeps blood pressure at bay and is satiating. The presence of fats and proteins is what makes you lose more weight because fats are the good ones you need in a low-calorie diet.

According to studies, thanks to a yogurt diet, you can lose even 4 or 5 kilos of fat quickly, because it deflates the belly and also helps to eliminate fat on the abdomen. It also helps the intestine to fight constipation, heartburn, thanks to the natural lactic ferments present.

Obviously it is advisable to have a breakfast based on yogurt and not to replace it with normal meals. Generally in the morning it helps the weight loss more, because it stimulates the metabolism. It can also be eaten with seasonal or dried fruit.

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