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Ebike in a few steps: the kits to convert the bicycle to electric

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There is a third way between owning an ebike and not owning it: that of making it yourself with conversion kits created to transform muscular bikes into snappy e-bikes. These are not always economical solutions, but the conversion kit can be a good choice for those who want to have only one vehicle with which to quickly cross the city and still enjoy the rides with a muscle bike in their free time.

There are various types of engines on the market. First of all you have to pay attention to the presence of the battery in the conversion kit, which is sometimes not included, then looking for the one suitable for the type of engine you buy.


In some cases it is instead present in the system, but it is important to find a valid anchoring point on the bike to be able to secure them safely. In this regard, the easiest are traditional bikes, those with a long down tube. For other bikes, especially those for walking, often with irregular frame shapes, there are special mounting kits, especially on the luggage rack, the most valid option in these cases.

Different engines, different assistance

The type of motor to be mounted on the bike makes the difference. We always talk about bikes with 250W motors, with the assistance limit at 25 km / h, according to the Italian directive. The most efficient are i kit mid-drive, which are mounted in place of the bottom bracket (where the cranks are mounted).

The motor acts directly on the pedals by impressing the force directly on the transmission. A concrete advantage in terms of pedaling efficiency, but also more expensive and relatively difficult to install if you are not familiar with the mechanics.

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