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Edge browser prevents users from downloading Chrome: Your browser is very 2008!

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Edge has always been Microsoft’s own son. The default browser of Windows will be automatically set to Edge at the beginning. After the setting is completed, users need to download it or change it to the browser they are used to. Therefore, many netizens often joked that whether it is IE or Edge browser, their biggest function is to download Chrome.

Image source: quora.com

In 2020, Microsoft will re-engineer the Edge browser, not only the interface is easier to operate, but also a lot of useful and interesting gadgets, and it can even move from Google Chrome painlessly! As a result, it has won unanimous praise from foreign users and has even become one of the popular choices of web browsers.

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Taiwan browser favorite ranking: Chrome takes the lead

From the following two tables, it can be found that 60% of users in Taiwan tend to use Google Chrome browser, and nearly 30% of users are users of Apple products, while only 3% of users use Microsoft Edge.


Source: https://gs.statcounter.com/browser-market-share/all/taiwan


Source: https://gs.statcounter.com/browser-market-share/all/taiwan

But Microsoft has recently begun to “force sell” its own browser. In order to allow users to use Edge as much as possible, when people open the download page of Chrome, both Windows 10 and Windows 11 begin to display “warning messages” to prevent users from installing other browsers. Browser.

According to Neowin’s report, the tips they found were as follows:

“Microsoft Edge uses the same technology as Chrome and is trusted by Microsoft”

“The browser is very 2008! Do you know the new features? Microsoft Edge.”

“No one has ever said that they “hate saving money”. Microsoft Edge is the best browser for online shopping!”


Picture source: TO edit the actual measurement screen

After complaining that Chrome is too outdated or strongly recommending its own Edge, the button “Browse security now” will be displayed at the end of the prompt message, which will connect the user to Microsoft’s website introducing Edge.

In addition, regardless of whether you use Bing or Google to enter the Chrome download page, similar related warning messages will be displayed, but such an “Amway message” does not seem to be displayed by every Windows 11 user.

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Microsoft has previously increased the difficulty of switching the default browser in Windows 11, and forced users to use Edge through Windows Update.

But even if Microsoft uses such a trick, it still cannot prevent users from downloading Chrome. This behavior of escorting its own browser also received a lot of criticism and controversy after Microsoft launched the Edge “Buy Now, Pay Later” feature.

Reference materials: The Verge, Neowin

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