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EDIFIER Introduces New STAX SPIRIT Series S3 Hi-Fi Tablet Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones | 4Gamers

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EDIFIER Introduces New STAX SPIRIT Series S3 Hi-Fi Tablet Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones | 4Gamers

With the rise of bluetooth earphones, wireless bluetooth earphones are no longer new, and many audio brands have also focused their research and development on whether they can achieve wireless while retaining complete sound details. EDIFIER introduces the new STAX SPIRIT S3 Hi-Fi flat-panel Bluetooth over-ear headphones, putting ergonomic comfort and top-notch audio craftsmanship into a pair of lightweight foldable headphones.

It is worth mentioning that this earphone uses the same specifications of the plane magnetic technology of the High-end brand Audeze in the earphone industry. Unlike most bluetooth earphones, which adopt an in-ear design, the STAX SPIRIT S3 Hi-Fi flat-panel bluetooth earmuffs provide more choices for those who seek long-term comfort and immersion, whether listening to music on the go or on holiday. Chasing dramas can bring a perfect user experience.

STAX SPIRIT S3 is equipped with a planar magnetic driver to create shocking movie sound effects. The audio is Hi-Res certified and driven by a dedicated audio system, which not only reduces audio distortion, but also has a wider frequency response, making the sound more pure, and restores the audio quality of the fever level. High-resolution and optimized imaging, as if immersed in the scene, placed in the scene of the play.

For outdoor or commuter users, the STAX SPIRIT S3 Hi-Fi Tablet Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones not only have a super battery life of about 80 hours of music playback, but also crystal clear call quality.

The most advanced microprocessor system provided by Qualcomm’s QCC5141 chip, with the latest Snapdragon Sound features, achieves ultra-low latency and ultra-clear voice quality, making phone calls like live conversations without distance.

For those who carry or wear it for extended periods of time, the STAX SPIRIT S3 is built with a fully foldable hinge design for the lightest weight over-ear headphones that won’t burden the head, neck and pinna, handcrafted ear cups and headband Made of genuine lambskin and with cool mesh earcups, it’s perfect for comfort and breathability, perfect for going out or traveling.

Most importantly, STAX SPIRIT S3 also has classic STAX sound effects and low-latency game mode. More EQ modes and functions can be experienced through the App, shortening the distance with Bel Canto with one click, and easily obtain audiophile-level listening and chasing experience. .

[Scenario 2]Experience Bel Canto Zero Distance
Genuine lambskin earmuffs are comfortable to wear all day

Live sound effects restore the STAX SPIRIT S3 Bel Canto zero distance

In the era of a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones, earphone sound quality, connection stability, appearance design, etc., have become the focus of major brands contending. Founded in 1996, EDIFIER is internationally renowned for its Hi-Fi-grade audio. In recent years, a variety of true wireless Bluetooth headsets have become popular among online beauty and hipsters. Now the new STAX SPIRIT S3 is on the market, providing wireless headset lovers with more choices. .

The STAX SPIRIT S3 Hi-Fi flat-panel bluetooth earmuffs are designed with earmuffs, making it comfortable and relaxing to wear for a long time, and it will not cause discomfort when watching dramas all day on holidays. At the same time, the planar magnetic driver provides audiophile-level movie sound effects. Driven, Hi-Res-certified audio delivers purer, clean, live sound like a true professional recording, with higher resolution and better imaging for a top-notch sound experience.

[Scenario 6]S3 creates accurate, distortion-free and immersive bel canto
Hi Res certified audio quality is perfect

Lightweight foldable portable listening experience comparable to professional sound quality

In addition to the ultra-reduced and detailed sound quality, mobility is another important feature of Bluetooth headsets. When you go out, you should not only pay attention to the battery life of the headset, but also support clear calls, as well as being comfortable to wear and easy to carry.

The STAX SPIRIT S3 Hi-Fi flat-panel Bluetooth earmuffs can play music for about 80 hours, and a short 10-minute charge can provide 11 hours of playback time; in addition, the STAX SPIRIT S3 showcases STAX craftsmanship and the cleanest sound quality.

STAX SPIRIT S3 is the first high-end headphone in EDIFIER’s STAX SPIRIT series, in addition to using the most advanced planar magnetic driver, equipped with the latest planar driver technology: Fluxor, Fazor and Uniforce patents (Audeze licensed STAX SPIRIT S3 to EDIFIER) .

Its high sensitivity and impedance characteristics of only 24Ω can be easily driven by smartphones and portable players to create accurate, distortion-free, immersive sound, and the STAX SPIRIT S3 weighs only 329g, making it very comfortable to wear all day. Comfortable and perfect for on-the-go listening.

STAX SPIRIT S3 Hi-Fi Flat Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

Bluetooth version:V5.2
Audio decoding:SBC、AAC、aptX、Adaptive、Snapdragon sound

Bluetooth protocol:V5.2
effective distance:10m
Single diaphragm:89mm*70mm Planar Magnetic Driver
operating hours:about 80 hours
Dustproof and waterproof rating:none
Frequency response:10Hz~40KHz

Accessories:Replaceable cool earmuffs*2, 3.5mm audio cable 1, 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter*1, Type-C charging cable*1, earphone shrapnel*1, storage box*1, earmuff storage bag*2
Charging hole:USB-TypeC
Game Mode:Have

For more information, please visit the EDIFIER official website

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