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Elderly, Legacoopsociali asks for an in-depth analysis of law 33 (03/06/2023)

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Elderly, Legacoopsociali asks for an in-depth analysis of law 33 (03/06/2023)

Explore some aspects of the Law 33 of last March 23 for the policies in favor of the elderly, in view of the hearing of the central social cooperatives set for Monday 5 June. she asks Legacoopsocialispecifying that this step is essential to confirm the legislative system.

Simplification, integration and coordination of the legislative provisions in force regarding social, health and social-health assistance to the elderly population: these are some of the objectives”, underlines the organization in a note released today. “A reform that can be shared and is in line with the objectives identified by the Pnrr, aiming to define a system of assistance for the elderly. We ask that it be regulated the process for defining and realizing the Individualized assistance plan – Paiwith the identification of the interested figures and the full involvement of all the subjects who operate in the services, including the social cooperation and the Third sector bodies which manage services and provide supports, with the definition of the appropriate treatment budget and the methods and times for monitoring and verification”.

Furthermore, the note continues, “we want the principles of co-programming and co-planning to be affirmed: the involvement of social cooperation and third sector entities also in the co-planning phase, as well as in the implementation of the Pai, would favor the integration and coordination of interventions in a single integrated process with a cooperative ecosystem including the cooperation of doctors of general medicine and pharmacy cooperatives”.

For residential services we ask for a diversified and flexible system of interventions. It is necessary to make available quality social and health residential services in adequate quantities, which represent concrete places of care and proximity for non self-sufficient elderly people and communities, capable of assuming diversified, innovative and/or multiple functions and flexible organizational models in able to manage from the first levels of low intensity care up to the organization of appropriate care for people with very complex chronic diseases and conditions”.

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“The relevance of the reform is substantial, above all in consideration of the dynamics and demographic projections affecting our country and the definition of the legislative decrees assumes a crucial importance for the concrete implementation of the objectives outlined in the enabling law and in the Pnrr”, says the president of national Legacoop, Simone Gamberini. “In the meantime, we urge the government and the Regions to intervene quickly so that the cost increases that are causing serious difficulties in the sustainability of management are recognized to the cooperatives that manage residential care services».

“The implementing decrees define the essential balances and mechanisms that will regulate the functioning of the national non-self-sufficiency service and that will have direct effects on the system for setting up and supplying services: we hope for the full involvement of social cooperation in the context of a comparison of merit aimed at the implementation of the delegated decrees», underlines the national president of Legacoopsociali, Eleonora Vanni.

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