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Elimobile, Gianluca Vacchi’s telco that focuses on content and virtual currency

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Elimobile, Gianluca Vacchi’s telco that focuses on content and virtual currency

The entrepreneur-influencer-DJ-star of social networks Gianluca Vacchi among the founders, Alessandro Del Piero e Carlo Cracco between content and “experience” providers. It looks like this EliMobilea new telephone company that “integrates innovation, technology and metaverse”, according to the press release.

Basically, it is a telco that offers mobile telephone services by relying on the WindTre telephone network, with rather competitive rates, in Iliad orbit, so to speak. Two monthly offers, from € 6.99 with 100 GB and unlimited minutes and € 9.99 with 150 GB and unlimited minutes, and an annual offer: € 95.99, 120 GB and unlimited minutes.

But EliMobile, by its own admission, does not only want to fight the battle of the jigs, but to stand out for thecontent offering. According to Mario Colabufo, CEO and Founder, together with Vacchi (who, announces Colabufo, will also be among the platform’s content providers): “Elimobile is the first telecommunications company toto feel the use of cryptographic tokens and NFT created by celebrities for payment ”.


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January 20, 2022

Metaverse, token, blockchain, Nft: it almost seems that the company did a search among the hottest words of the moment before building its offer. Which is, in Colabufo’s words, “a training and entertainment platform” based on Elisium, the app which supports a myriad of digital contents with the characteristic of involving famous people of various kinds. They range from a web series of Maccio Capatonda to the football academy directed by Alessandro Del Piero, from the video recipes signed by Carlo Cracco to the most popular Tiktokers. But there are not only VIPs, there are also training courses of all kinds, free and paid. Elivision is connected to the app, which allows you to view video content on TV, as a streaming platform.

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And we are not limited to the virtual: it will also be possible to buy real experiences, for example to participate in a masterclass with chef Cracco.

But what do blockchain, cryptocurrencies, metaverse and NFT tokens have to do with it?


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We asked the president of the company Maria Colabufo for help to extricate ourselves between virtual currency, crypto tokens and Nft: “I’ll answer you step by step. There is a fundamental distinction to be made:Elicoin is a virtual currency within Elisium, one can imagine it like Amex points or those of a videogame: the more I play the more I earn. There are several ways to earn Elicoin: by renewing the offer, by choosing a more expensive rate plan or by doing physical activity. “The Elisium app integrates a sub-app, called Run with me, with which you can earn Elicoin based on to the kilometers traveled.

Then the thing works as with the points of the supermarket: “I can buy content by Elisium and live experiences with the talent (the famous dinner at Cracco ndr), in these cases not entirely but by taking advantage of one Discount“.

Is all this already operational? “The proposals are already on the app, we will reveal all the bookable dates starting in early June“.

So far everything clear. And i token, instead? “The cryptocurrency is a parallel project in partnership with Elite Token, a cryptographic system built on the Polygon blockchain. This system is not proprietary to Elitemobile, but will merge with the company at the end of the year. All content that is part of Elisium actually they are NFT, therefore the video course on cryptocurrencies or the language lesson are content upstream NFT which will be sold to interested investors on an NFT marketpalce called Elispace. currently the integration of the cryptocurrency and the NFT portal are not yet operationalthey will be in the coming months “.

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Basically at the moment the spendable currency is the Elicoin.


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04 Maggio 2022

So far the announcements, all a bit ‘in bulk. Which makes it difficult to find your way around and therefore understand exactly why a user should choose Elimobile: for the prices? For the blockchain? For the helicoins to use in the metaverse? For the streaming platform? For all these things together?

We will understand this better when everything is fully operational. Last thing: EliMobile is a Spa that Colabufo concludes, “it will certainly be listed on the stock exchange within a year”.

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