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Elon Musk to Twitter employees: “Costs exceed revenue, possible layoffs”

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Elon Musk to Twitter employees: “Costs exceed revenue, possible layoffs”

Ahead of the Twitter acquisition – a $ 44 billion deal that has been questioned multiple times since the offer was made – Elon Musk first met the employees del social network.

The case

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The meeting was held privately but they are circulating indiscretions on what the entrepreneur said.

The CNBC, in particular, has published the answers given by Musk to some of the requests most interesting posed by employees.

To a question about possible layoffs, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX replied: “It depends. Twitter has to become a healthy company. At the moment the costs exceed the revenues.” “Anyone who contributes significantly – added Musk – has nothing to fear”.

The case

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It seems that Musk has also expressed himself on the remote workunderlining how his position towards Tesla employees – who have been peremptorily asked to work face-to-face – does not necessarily apply to those who work at Twitter.


“Tesla produces cars – the entrepreneur would have said – and the machines are not made remotely”. Musk also added that “if someone excels at his job, smart working can be granted” but that “face-to-face work is preferable”.

According to Bloomberg reports, Elon Musk would have renewed his will to make Twitter a place where there is the absolute freedom of speech. For this reason, users, said the entrepreneur, “should also be able to write outrageous things: the important thing is that Twitter does not promote them”.


Concerned by the bots that populate Twitter, to the point of jeopardizing the acquisition of the social network, Musk said he wants to grow up to 1 billion daily active users. It would currently be around 230 million.

The conversation touched on the most disparate topics. After saying he is not interested in the charge of CEO of TwitterMusk diverted the conversation about aliens – “I have no proof of their existence” – and on the stream of consciousness of human beings.

After the meeting was over, employees flocked to their Slack wall to exchange comments. Many said they were worried about possible layoffs and a less rigid moderation towards thehate speech. Some have even improvised meme to joke about how exceptional they were at work, a skill that – as Musk pointed out – would guarantee remote work.

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