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Ema, ‘the new vaccines effective against the Eris variant’ – Healthcare

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Ema, ‘the new vaccines effective against the Eris variant’ – Healthcare

The adapted vaccines approved by the EU also protect against the Eris variant. EMA director Emer Cooke stated this in response to a question from ANSA. “Eris is one of the variants we have followed and the new vaccines also protect against Eris”, as well as “against the most recent variants in circulation”. “The pandemic is over – added Cooke – but the virus is still a threat to those at risk, so people over 65, those with precarious health conditions and pregnant women must get vaccinated”.

UN, prepare response to possible new pandemics

“Covid was simultaneously a demonstration of human ingenuity and failure.” This was said by the UN deputy secretary, Amina Mohammed, during the high-level meeting on prevention and intervention in the event of new pandemics which was held on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. “On the one hand there were tests created at the speed of light and vaccines developed in record time – he declared – On the other, the lack of preparation that affected the most vulnerable and the vaccines monopolized by rich countries while the populations of the most poor people have been deprived of it.” Recalling that these inequalities persist to this day, Amina Mohammed lamented that the pandemic has further diverted the sustainable development goals, with serious consequences on levels of poverty, public debt and social inequalities. Hence, in your opinion, the need not to repeat the mistakes of the past during the inevitable next pandemic, improving surveillance of the virus, strengthening health systems and equal access for all countries to vaccines, treatments and technologies life saver. Mohammed also called for strengthening the authority and funding of the World Health Organization (WHO) and urged member countries to reach a strong and comprehensive agreement on pandemics, focused on equity and accompanied by amendments to the International Health Regulations. In particular, she stressed, pandemic preparedness requires a fight against misinformation that “undermines expert advice and fuels vaccine skepticism.” Finally, the response strategy must take into account the new nature of shocks, “increasingly international and increasingly complex” requiring responses involving a wide range of different actors.

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