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Ema, vaccines work with the Delta variant but with the booster

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VACCINES are also working against the Delta variant, but we must be sure that the second dose is also done.” This was stated by the executive director of the EMA Emer Cooke, at the ‘Sky TG24 Live In Firenze’ event. The Delta variant “will be increasingly important” in terms of diffusion in Europe, Cooke noted, reiterating the confidence in vaccines as a tool of protection.

“The four vaccines we have authorized, namely Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson are all four safe and effective,” added the director of EMA.

Cooke recalled how prudent it is to be cautious about still unapproved immunizations such as CureVac. “In addition to the 4 approved vaccines, we have other vaccines in rolling review, or continuous review process. For CureVac, an mRna type vaccine – he added – unfortunately last week a result worried us, the effectiveness is a bit ‘less positive but we await the final results. We are not there yet but we still await all the data “.

Cooke said that “320 million doses of the anti-Covid vaccine have been administered in Europe to date, 52% of citizens are vaccinated with at least one first dose, 32% with the second dose”.


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