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embezzlement and fraud, an anesthesiologist arrested in Lariano (RM)

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embezzlement and fraud, an anesthesiologist arrested in Lariano (RM)

In recent days at a dental practice in Lariano (RM), as part of some investigations on the management of intramoenia visits, the Carabinieri of the Nas of Romecoordinated by the Velletri Prosecutor’s Office, arrested an anesthesiologist specialist in flagrante delicto for the crimes of embezzlement and fraud against the National Health System.
The soldiers of the Corps caught the doctor while he was pocketing the money for medical services carried out in a dental practice in Lariano, despite the fact that he was linked by an exclusive relationship with the ASL and was authorized by the same health company to carry out visits under the free intramural activity for a limited number of hours. In reality, the anesthetist, twice a week, practiced his profession in support of the dentist in carrying out some dental operations, from the simple treatment of a cavity to more complex operations, at the end of which he received the agreed compensation.

The doctor systematically went to the dental office bringing everything needed to perform anesthesia and deep sedation. In fact, the medicines, found in large quantities, were contained in a large backpack and had probably been stolen from the Velletri hospital together with vials of Morphine, Fentanyl and MDA. For these substances, for which the possession and destination has not been justified, the anesthetist will have to answer for the crime of possession for the purpose of dealing narcotic substances.
At the end of the formalities and searches carried out at the home and other offices, the doctor was placed under arrest in prison and taken to the institute
Velletri penitentiary, measures confirmed in the validation hearing.
The arrest is part of a series of investigative activities coordinated by the Velletri Prosecutor’s Office, which are still ongoing.

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