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Embracer Group Just Acquired…Everything? – – Gamereactor

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Embracer Group Just Acquired…Everything?  – – Gamereactor

Embracer Group is already huge, but the publisher intends to get even bigger. Meanwhile, Embracer has announced a series of acquisition deals that will see various game developers and other companies join the publisher in the near future.

As Emblor has stated in multiple press releases, the companies it intends to acquire are: Tripwire Interactive, Tuxedo Labs, Singtrix, Limited Run Games, Bitwave, Tatsujin, Middle-Earth Enterprises, and another as-yet-unnamed studio.

Essentially, this means that, assuming these acquisitions go through, Embracer Group will own the rights to various games and IPs, such as Maneater, Teardown, Killing Floor, and even The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Taking all these announcements and acquisitions into account, Embracer Group said in its accompanying quarterly report that there are currently more than 220 games in development, including 25 AAA projects that will be released by the end of the 2025/56 financial year.

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