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«Emergency room index black in the morning, not even red»

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«Emergency room index black in the morning, not even red»

The flu has arrived and here are the first repercussions on the emergency rooms, it was a black Monday at Valduce. The appeal of the doctors: “Vaccinate yourselves”.

Since the end of November the flu virus has returned to circulate strongly especially in the early pediatric age. General practitioners report a growing number of infections also in adulthood. The elderly affected in light of their frailties are more likely to suffer complications such as to get to the attention of hospitals. Unfortunately, the situation in the ward is already tense, there is a lack of doctors and beds.

«The indicator of the emergency room in the morning was black, not even red anymore – explains Nunzio Castiglione, deputy medical director of the Valduce – it is a worse degree of overcrowding than usual. We were no longer able to absorb the arrival of new ambulances. It takes several hours each time to normalize the situation, first patients need to be discharged from internal wards. The problem, as already raised by the Sant’Anna colleagues, is the lack of beds». Also yesterday morning at Sant’Anna, the degree of overcrowding in the emergency room was colored red. With about 65 patients in queue or in treatment.

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