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End of isolation Covid Marche, tampons in the pharmacy “Let’s do as Emilia Romagna”

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Ancona, 9 January 2022 – The target it is of the government and of the whole Italian health system: closure of the insulation e end of quarantine with a real stop to long waits.

On the one hand there is a general rule of the government, which has taken over the cost of quick tampons to be carried out in the pharmacy, with cost coverage. On the other hand, there would be an opportunity to do home self-testing, but it does not exist for the Marche region has never activated the personal electronic medical register.

One of the many quick swabs that are made in the pharmacy

Thus nYou cannot activate the self-buffer at home with direct communication to the Asur.

In the meantime, however, the Marche pharmacies would like to do a quick swab in their offices, to reduce isolation and school quarantines of the Marche. Trying to support the public monitoring and tracing system, using the funds allocated by the government for the students.
“Do us do as in Emilia Romagna“asks the president of Aspes Luca Pieri, which deals with the public pharmacies of Pesaro and Gabicce, but also those of Romagna in Riccione and Cattolica. Your request is addressed to the Region, which has already prepared a path similar to that of Emilia and other regions:

“From Monday we will activate the relationship between pharmacies and Asur”, confirms the councilor for health Filippo Saltamartini which the other day initiated the dialogue with the private associations of pharmacists. With the aim of activating the rapid buffer in as many municipalities as possible and to focus on reduction of quarantines in the school sector. I “The availability of the pharmacy sector is total – says the regional president of Ferderfarma Andrea Avitabile – we await indications from the Region tomorrow. I believe that all 550 pharmacies active on tampons will join”.

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