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Endometrial cancer, new hopes from immunotherapy plus chemo. Italpress news agency

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TURIN (ITALPRESS) – The pharmaceutical company Gsk presented in Turin the first part of the phase III Ruby clinical study in adult women with advanced or recurrent primary endometrial cancer. The results show that the addition of immunotherapy to chemotherapy improves the progression-free interval (72% reduction) and increases patient survival by 36%. “This figure – said Giorgio Valabrega, associate professor of Medical Oncology at the University of Turin – is very significant not only in those subjects with mismatch repair deficiency, as we expected, but in all patients. The revolution is that we bring an immunotherapy treatment to an early stage of the disease, therefore with a better chance of curing these patients”.
Until recently, in fact, patients with advanced malignant endometrial cancer could only be treated with chemotherapy or hormone therapy with not always optimal results. Recently, however, data has shown that some tumors may be sensitive to innovative drugs such as immunotherapies. “These findings bring us one step closer to addressing the significant unmet needs of endometrial cancer patients and add to the growing evidence for dostarlimab,” said Hesham Abdullah, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Oncology Development, GSK. , reinforcing our belief in its potential to transform cancer treatment into basic immuno-oncology therapy.”
Ruby is part of an international collaboration between the European Network of Gynecological Oncological Trial groups, a research network of the European Society of Gynecological Oncology, the Gog Foundation and the Nordic Society of Gynecological Oncology – Clinical Trial Unit, non-profit organizations committed in the fight against gynecological cancers.
“Clinical practice has waited decades for significant progress in the standard of care for advanced or recurrent primary endometrial cancer,” said Mansoor Raza Mirza, chief oncologist at Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark and Ruby’s principal investigator. The results of the Ruby clinical trial, particularly considering the histological features of the difficult-to-treat malignancies included in the study, demonstrate support for a new standard of care with the addition of dostarlimab to current standard-of-care chemotherapy.”
GSK’s intent is for dostarlimab to become the backbone of the company’s current immuno-oncology-based research and development program, when used alone and in combination with standard of care and future new cancer therapies, in particularly for patients who currently have limited treatment options. “When hopefully there will be expanded access to this drug – added Valabrega – all patients will tend to be treated with immunotherapy right from the start, that is from the moment in which a tumor in an advanced or metastatic stage is diagnosed. At the moment, in fact, the only possibility that patients have to undergo immunotherapy is after having already undergone a previous treatment with a platinum-based therapy”.

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