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Endometrium, robotics and precision medicine

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Endometrium, robotics and precision medicine

In women it is the fourth cancer by spreading, after that of the breast, colon and lung. It is cancer of the endometrium, the main cancer of the uterus. It is mainly women over 50 who are affected. Among the risk factors obesity and hormonal imbalances with hyperestrogenism

. Of the hundreds of gynecological and oncological surgeries carried out every year by Pope John, the one for the removal of endometrial cancer falls within the series that makes it preferable to use laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery. At Pope John the platform used is the robotic one, which allows extreme precision surgery. In the gynecological field alone, about 50 robotic interventions are performed per year, over half of which concern malignant tumors of the endometrium.

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