Home Health ends up in hospital after being bitten by a West Nile virus-carrying mosquito

ends up in hospital after being bitten by a West Nile virus-carrying mosquito

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ends up in hospital after being bitten by a West Nile virus-carrying mosquito

69-year-old hospitalized in intensive care due to West Nile

West Nile, the virus transmitted in mosquitoes, is creating no small concern. Infections, in Italy, are on the rise, some even serious. This is the case of a 69-year-old from Polesine, hospitalized in intensive care at the Rovigo hospital after being bitten by a mosquito carrying the virus. The man, who lives in Rovigo, was on vacation in Albarella when he began to feel bad with some line of fever. His wife, a nurse, took him to the emergency room worried about his condition.

The director of Albarella: “No West Nile emergency”

In a short time the man’s conditions worsened and for five days the 69-year-old, as reported breaking latest news, is hospitalized in intensive care. Fear among citizens is increasing, but the private island of Albarella denies that there is a worrying situation linked to the contagion from West Nile. As explained by Mauro Rosatti, director of the island, there is “no West Nile emergency in Albarella, I categorically deny. No health authority or other competent authority has contacted us to report the case. At the company level we are the most controlled and I would say the safest in terms of hygiene and health as a place not only in Veneto but in all of Italy. We constantly carry out mosquito disinfestation treatments starting from spring “.

Even the mayor of Rosolina tries to reassure citizens and tourists

In the meantime, we are trying to understand where, exactly, the man was infected: it is not certain, in fact, that the mosquito bite occurred during his stay in Albarella. The whole Polesine is affected by the virus, as declared by the Ministry of Health in the endemic area: already in 2018 there were 4 deaths and about fifty cases. Even Michele Grossato, mayor of Rosolina, a seaside resort on the coast of Rovigo, wanted to reassure citizens and tourists: there is currently no alarm of a West Nila outbreak in the Delta, which is preparing for the assault for the week of August.

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A man died in the province of Brescia due to the West Nile

West Nile is also causing deaths: in recent days, as reported Ilfattoquotidiano.it, a man residing in Cigole, in the province of Brescia, died. He was one of the two most severe patients of the four cases in the area. This is the tenth death recorded so far, according to the bulletin of the Higher Institute of Health, out of a total of 144 cases registered since the beginning of June.

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