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enough hospitalizations of only positive patients. Here is the new method

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enough hospitalizations of only positive patients.  Here is the new method

The hospital revolution, two and a half years after the pandemic arrived, is ready to go. And in Friuli Venezia Giulia it will take place independently. Enough with the Covid departments clogged especially by patients who have no symptoms of the disease but only a positive swab. The Region has decided to officially say yes to the turning point. And it did so by promoting the unitary request of the three health agencies. All this in two days of meetings in which the theme of stopping the “rain” tampons was also discussed. In this case, however, Rome is asked to intervene directly. And the path will probably be a bit longer.


The vice president of Friuli Venezia Giulia and councilor for health, Riccardo Riccardi, said yes to one of the most important changes (at the hospital level) in the entire local pandemic history. He did it yesterday at the end of a day made up of comparisons which in reality had already begun 24 hours earlier with listening to the primary doctors of infectious diseases and the directors of the three health agencies. There were no divisions among the experts. Everyone had long agreed on one point: patients who were only positive but hospitalized for other pathologies or traumas no longer had to stay in Covid wards. Those, to be clear, dedicated to pneumonia. And so it will be, with a method that will be the responsibility of individual companies.


Since the proposal of the head physicians and directors has essentially passed, it is good to understand how it will act now in the individual wards of the Friulian hospitals. It will be a real revolution, since data in hand (it was Riccardi himself, days ago, who communicated this number) 80 percent of patients are only positive and have no real symptoms of Covid.
In detail, each company will organize itself. All departments will have a minimum of one or two rooms dedicated to patients who are positive but who need treatment for other diseases. The chambers have already been identified in all hospitals in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Patients with the positive swab will stay in these spaces. They will be alone or in pairs, obviously if the second “guest” will have the same result as the swab. And also in the emergency room it will act in this way: a patient positive for the swab but without symptoms of Covid will be sent to the ward that most closely matches the registered pathology. Orthopedics for bone trauma and so on.
The revolution sanctioned yesterday will in fact allow the immediate emptying of the Covid wards that previously welcomed both patients with pulmonary symptoms and people hospitalized for other reasons without distinction. A step that, if taken in the past, would also have made it possible to avoid red and orange areas.

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The Region also agrees on the second proposal, anticipated two days ago in the Gazzettino. And that is to limit swabs to symptomatic people only, thus avoiding long traces. Yesterday in this sense (and it is discussed in depth in the national part of the newspaper) Zaia’s assist from Veneto also arrived. Friuli Venezia Giulia, after the explicit request of the primary doctors of Infectious Disease, was expecting just this: an assist from outside, to be able to officially bring the matter to Rome and induce the government to make another turning point.

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