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Epic Games acquired Harmonix to let you experience the “music journey” in “Fortress Heroes”

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Earlier, Epic Games officially announced that it had acquired Harmonix, a studio that has launched famous music games such as “Guitar Hero” (Guitar Hero) and “Rock Band” (Rock Band). The specific transaction amount has not been disclosed, but Harmonix will become part of Epic’s meta-universe project in the future. The short-term goal of both parties is to allow “Fortnite” players to experience a “music journey” in the game.

Friends who are familiar with “Fortress Heroes” should know that in addition to various fancy linkages (such as the recently heatedly discussed “Naruto”), this game also has a virtual concert. Big names such as Travis Scott and Ariana Grande have had the experience of performing for “Fortress Heroes”. With the blessing of Harmonix in the future, maybe everyone will be able to experience more different things. At the same time, Harmonix also confirmed that it will continue to support existing games, and the current sales of works on Steam will not be affected by sales.

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