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Epic will receive the free game “PC Building Simulator” for a limited time this week! | XFastest News

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The Epic Game Store this week’s free game collection has been updated to “PC Building Simulator”. The free collection time is only until 23:00, October 14th, Taiwan time. Players remember to take the time to claim it!

Preview of free games this week and free games next week:
FireShot Capture 051-Get a free game every week-Epic Games Store-www.epicgam.png

The ultimate PC-installed simulation game comes out
Build your own PC empire, from simple diagnosis and repair to making exquisite customized products, let every fan envy and go crazy. In this ever-expanding market, real-world components can be seen everywhere, and you can finally stop fantasizing about the ultimate PC. Assemble your computer by hand and see its evaluation in 3DMark!

Run your own business
The career mode of “PC Building Simulator” allows you to manage your exclusive PC installation and maintenance business. To start homework in a comfortable studio, you must use all the techniques to complete the work.
Customers will deliver you all kinds of work, from simple updates to repairing the entire system architecture. You must balance your accounts while completing your work to ensure profit!

Assemble your dream PC
Use your favorite parts to build your PC from the chassis, and then choose your favorite LED light bar and various colors of wires to show your installed talents and make this work stand out. Choose from a series of air-cooled/water-cooled heat dissipation solutions to keep the host in good heat dissipation, or spend a lot of money to build a fully customized integrated water-cooling radiator! After the installation is complete, turn it on and check its performance. Not satisfied with the result? Enter the basic I/O system, try to adjust the components to overclocking state, and see if you can get better results without disassembling the items!

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Learn how to assemble your own PC
Does it sound difficult to assemble your own PC?
The purpose of the game of “PC Building Simulator” is to teach beginner PC users how to assemble a computer, and follow the step-by-step instructions to explain the assembly sequence of each component, and provide practical information such as the name of each component and its function.

“PC Building Simulator” Epic Page


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