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Epilepsy, new drug against seizures / Already used in oncology: “It prevents and blocks them”

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Epilepsy, new drug against seizures / Already used in oncology: “It prevents and blocks them”

Epilepsya discovery could revolutionize the life of the sick. It is a drug used for many years for the cure of cancer based on sodium selenatewhich, when used in epileptic patients, could contribute to prevent and stop crises. Lo studio it started from some university research centres Australianwho have used the anti cancer pill on animals from laboratory. The effects were so amazing that it was officially decided to start one experimentation even on humans.

For the first time in a world exclusive, as reported by the newspaper Daily Telegraph, 124 patients in Australia they will be able to test the treatment. In fact, it will start from the polyclinic hospital The Alfred della Monash University and will soon be published i results of the experiment, which scientists hope will have the same miraculous effects which he had in other animal species. The press reported several doctors’ comments and experts who have declared themselves enthusiastic about this new research and have defined it as a “possible new innovative and revolutionary treatment for people with epilepsy“.

Epilepsy, the trial of the seizure blocking pill begins: “Surprising results”

The professor Terry O’Brien of the Australian University of Monash explained to the Telegraph than the expectations of the new human trials of the drug anti-cancer based on sodium selenate are a lot other. This could be a real revolution in treatment of epilepsyas none previously existed alternative helpful in preventing crisis. In fact, until today, said the professor, “no therapy has yet been developed to stem the development of symptoms in epileptic subjects“, also adding that “research invests a lot of money in the field, but despite this, the treatments remain very expensive for the patients and not very effective“.

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So the absolute novelty could be represented by this anti-tumor pill. The drug works by preventing protein buildup in the brain cellsthus limiting the danni. In animals preclinical studies have shown total effectiveness in the majority of subjects who have stopped completely have epileptic seizures after daily pill intake. Others however showed increasingly mild crises. The patients involved in the trial areconfident to be able for the first time test a real cure that could change their life forever”concluded Dr. O’Brien.

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