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Eta Beta arrives at Radio Rai, and luckily it will never go away

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On November 3, 2012, the innovation reached Radio Rai. That day is gone the first episode of And Beta. It’s been 9 years and that program is still there, every Saturday morning, a precious appointment to understand the future.

He has always led it Massimo Cerofolini, a past in that forge of excellent journalists that he once was Evening country, now fully enlisted in the small national team of those able to tell well that complicated and simple thing at the same time that is innovation: Cerofolini does it with passion and lightness, it is not by chance that he has chosen a character from Walt as the title of the program Disney that comes from the future.

Here is his memory of those beginnings: “My parable as a screenwriter for Rai 1 had just ended and I was looking for something that would keep my interest in creativity burning. Suddenly I came across the world of startups, even reading magazines such as Wired, and at the moment I had the impression of being in front of a playground full of electrifying news. At the time it seemed like an equal match in which the young Italian engineer could beat it with newborn names like Facebook. Then things took a completely different turn and the disillusionment was heavy. But my curiosity towards innovative ferments, the tenacity of dreamers and the courage to invest time and savings on an idea that no one had ever thought of before, that has remained intact. And even before talking about new technologies, And Beta today it wants to be a watchtower to find out who does not give up and, without ignoring the risks, looks to the future with incurable positivity ”.

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I asked him to extract the best memories of these 9 years: “Memorable episodes: all those in which I spoke for the first time about something that would soon become established, but which until that moment was almost unknown to me (Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, plant-inspired robotics, the boom of ecommerce, 3d printing, cloud, blockchain). Among the illustrious guests Federico Faggin, Alec Ross, Luciano Floridi, Morozov, Bruce Sterling, Alessio Figalli, Giorgia Lupi, Barbara Mazzolai, Marinella Levi, Isabella De Michelis and many, many researchers and startuppers “.

The next projects? “Appearance Raiplay Sound (expected in December, ed) to relaunch Eta Beta also on a more articulated podcast platform, which will also include Codice Beta, the podcast on visionaries I do with Barbara Carfagna and the usual televised appointment with Code on Rai, always with Carfagna ”.


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