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[Evaluation]Superalloy Soul GX-96 31 Magnum Gear with solid joints + three kinds of fits are completely deformed

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Launched by Bandai, the latest superalloy soul GX-96 Sany Magnum (ゲッターロボ) has been officially launched recently. This time Bandai rarely commercializes the Sanyi Magnum, and can achieve a complete transformation of the three models. Now let the editor experience this Sanyi Magnum with everyone.


The parts of the Super Alloy Soul GX-96 Sany Magnum are made of alloy, ABS, PVC and other materials, which are different from the red, white, and yellow colors of the classic Sany Magnum. The Sany Magnum uses blue, red, Green tricolor. The reference price is ¥25,300 yen (approximately 1,765 Hong Kong dollars), and it will be on sale in September. This time, it can realize the transformation of Sanyi Magnum, Xiang, and Kie. There are also matching accessories for different forms.

▲ The contents of Super Alloy Soul GX-96 Sany Magnum.

Comic change design

The Sany Magnum debuted in 1991 in the Japanese robot animation of the same name. It is a manga adaptation of Japanese manga artists Ken Ishikawa and Hao Nagai. It was broadcast on the “Lightning Fax Machine” program of Hong Kong Jade Channel in 1992. The Hong Kong version is called “Invincible 3×1”. The theme song is covered by Li Ruien and the song is called “Justice”. In the background of the story, “G ore”, which is 200 times harder than diamond, was discovered. The Trinity squad consisting of Yiji, Tachibana and Daoqi controls the Sany Magnum made with G ore, against the “Professor Lando” who hijacked G ore in an attempt to conquer the world and his “Metal Beast” mechanical monster Legion.

▲ Getter No. 1 aircraft has blue color as the main color, and the landing gear is attached.

▲ The Getter No. 2 machine is mainly red with a classic big drill design.

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▲ Getter No. 3 unit is mainly green with a large ejector at the rear.

Abundant deformable structure, free choice of form

The selling point of the 31st Magnum is that it can be combined into three forms with three fighters. The more familiar Trinity and True Trinity both adopt a more unbelievable design. It is more difficult to achieve the integration of the three fighters in toys. However, the design of this Sany Magnum can be achieved. The roles of different fighters in the upper and lower body and backpacks are relatively clear. They can also be combined into the Sany Magnum and Xiang according to personal preferences. , 剀. Although there are a small part of the parts that need to be replaced (for example, modeling hands), the overall deformation process can experience the feeling of Sany in the animation.

The transformation of the Sany Magnum is the most direct. Getter 13 No. machine is responsible for the upper and lower body,2 The number machine is a backpack. The overall feeling is that the combined structure of the Super Alloy Soul is mainly designed around the number. Regardless of the center of gravity and proportions, No. 31 is the most balanced of the three combinations.

▲ Spherical joints are used in the wrists, and normal-sized fists need to be replaced.

▲Blue Warrior Sany Magnum, the drill on the back can be installed according to personal preference.

The deformation of the 31st Magnum Xiaxiang is similar to the operation of the 31st, both with Getter 21 The two fighters of the No. plane are respectively responsible for the upper and lower body, and 3 The number machine becomes a backpack.However, due to 3 The size of the number machine is huge, and the overall look and feel will appear to be too thin.and 3 The No. 1 machine was originally responsible for the lower body of No. 31, which is heavy, so 3 When the number machine is turned into a backpack, Sanyxiang’s center of gravity will be moved backwards, and he needs to be in a position to barely stand.

▲Red Warrior 31 Magnum Xiang.

The combination of Sanyi Magnum is more special, with Getter 3 No. machine for the upper body,1 No. machine for the waist,2 The number machine is used for the lower body, and the design of Sanyike is without feet. Due to the fixed size of the fighter, sometimes it has to be changed into hands, sometimes it has to be changed into feet, and in some forms, the proportions of the upper and lower body are not coordinated. This situation is most obvious in the Sany Swordsman.Even if the lower body is already Getter 1 Number machine and 2 The size of the number machine is not comparable to that of the upper body. 3 No. machine.

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▲ Need to replace the magnified version of the hand.

▲ The black warrior Sany Magnum attacked.

Molded color occupies most of the area and has a strong plastic feel

On the appearance of the three Sany Magnums, this time they are not completely painted. Most of the blue, red and green colors of each fighter are presented in polished molding colors, and only a few details are colored. For example, metallic green in the heart, eyes and gold, etc.The most eye-catching is 2 The large drill bits of the No. machine are presented in a wide range of metallic colors. The overall look is more plastic, and with the polishing treatment, it is easy to get fingerprints when twisting and deforming.

Sacrifice mobility for fit, solid gear joints

In order to fit the structure, Sany Magnum sacrificed a lot of mobility, of which the waist is the most obvious.In all forms, Sany’s waist is zero-movement, and Sanyxiang’s hands and feet are moved by the huge behind it. 3 The number machine interferes, and the bending of the hand also prevents the shoulders from being only about 45 The magnitude of the degree.The best movable performance of the three combinations is No. 31. Most of the joints of the hands and feet can be twisted more than 90 Spend. Although the range of motion is not ideal, most of the joints of the 31 Magnum use gears, which are very solid when twisted, and the sound of the gear joints is also very healing.

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The darts are linked to improve the playability

The weapons of the Trinity Magnum are darts, axes, and foot blades. Among them, darts are the most surprising. The two circular aircraft on the back can be disassembled. The two “round cakes” have a linkage structure. As long as you turn, all the teeth in the weapon will be unfolded. And is equipped with a special hand shape, which can perform the action of holding a dart.

The chronological female robotic arm

The 31st Magnum Xiaxiang form adopts the feminine robotic design of the 90s. The weapon is equipped with beam ribbons. The chest cover of the heart can be disassembled, and then two muzzles can be seen. The right hand is a classic large electric drill. Unfortunately, due to the mobility, the actions that can be done are very limited.

Molding Arms

The armament of the 31st Magnum is relatively monotonous, with two missiles attached to the waist, which can also pass through Getter 1 The hand-shaped joints of the number one were replaced with weapons similar to “Harpoon” missiles. In addition, it comes with a meteor hammer, but the handle and hammer of the meteor hammer are shaped plastic green, and the overall texture is not good.


The performance of the 31st Magnum was mixed this time. Basically the three combinations can be restored, which is in line with the selling point of this product, and it is very fresh when you play it for the first time. It’s a pity that due to the combined structure, a large amount of movement is sacrificed, and the swinging movement is very limited. Moreover, there is less painted area, which looks more gluey, but this will not cause “paint sling” in complex complexes. There are relatively few alloy parts used in No. 31, and the feeling of finished alloy toys is weak. However, the performance is clear, and there are very few parts lost when fitting and twisting. On the whole, the 31st Magnum has achieved a balance in other aspects under the performance of turning offense.

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