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Evening fasting diet for weight loss

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The evening fasting diet, also known as dinner cancelling, is a dietary regimen that attaches fundamental importance to the times in which meals are consumed. Specifically, it provides that solid foods should no longer be consumed starting from 16-17 every day. It is therefore based on a fasting for about 17 hours. It falls under restrictive diets, so it can be followed for up to two weeks. With this diet you could lose them up to 3 kg in a short time.

The focus of this dietary regimen therefore focuses on intermittent fasting: due to the absence of caloric intake at night, the body is forced to burn fat reserves. Obviously, breakfast becomes the main meal which will therefore include the intake of the main nutrients. It must be quite abundant but healthy, therefore based on fruit, vegetables and good fats, to avoid foods rich in sugars or very caloric. In fact, some studies have highlighted and correlated benefits to the practice of calorie restriction which would be linked to an increase in life expectancy and a reduction in the incidence of inflammatory diseases, including obesity and even oncological diseases. However fast for many hours it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Fasting also brings side effects, such as headache, dizziness, muscle aches. If prolonged, it can lead to serious health consequences, such as an irregular heartbeat and liver problems.

Therefore it is always essential to be followed by a doctor if you intend to undertake it. There evening fasting diet, according to his admirers, it would also have the effect of speeding up the metabolism. However, this statement does not find particular consensus among doctors as over the hours the metabolism slows down, so not having dinner would not give effective results in terms of slimming. There are also those who argue that fasting from 17 onwards would further slow down the metabolism and therefore even if with a light dish it would still be better eat in the evening.

Evening fasting diet: how it works
In two weeks, with this diet as well lose a few pounds, it is also possible to deflate the belly and improve the quality of the night’s rest and therefore sleep better. This fast is only in the evening, in any case it only forbids solid foods, so water, light teas and coffee are allowed.

Evening fasting diet: what to eat
Breakfast at 7 o’clock a 200 ml low-fat yogurt and a teaspoon of honey or 60-gram wholemeal bread with 3 slices of lean ham and a slice of thinly sliced ​​cheese and a glass of orange juice.

Lunch at 12.30: white meats such as chicken or turkey to be grilled or steamed or grilled fish (200 grams) to be served with a side dish of mixed salad or boiled potatoes, two 40-gram slices of bread and a fruit of your choice.

Snack for dinner at 15.30-16: low-fat cheese (100 grams), dried fruit, for example walnuts, almonds (40 grams) and 40 grams of bread.
After dinner a cup of herbal tea, perhaps with berries, to which to add a teaspoon of honey.


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