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Exercises with weights: that’s why they are good for you according to science

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Exercises with weights: that’s why they are good for you according to science

According to a new study, weight training is not only good for your muscles but also makes you more long-lived …

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There are those who love them and those who prefer to keep away from them. But avoiding weights in the gym altogether could be a mistake: Strength training is not only an important part of any fitness program but lifting weights also seems to promote longevity.

Weights and longevity: the study

A recent scientific study conducted on 99,713 adults and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in fact states that those who incorporate weights into their fitness routine have a 41% lower mortality risk compared to those who do not do any type of exercise. Even those who only practice aerobic activities (moderate to vigorous) have a lower risk of mortality from all causes than sedentary people, but “only” 32% (against 41 for those who lift weights). These findings are in line with research published last year in Japan that muscle strengthening is linked to a lower risk of mortality in cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. Scientists have found that engaging in muscle-strengthening exercises for 30-60 minutes per week can reduce the risk of mortality by up to 20%.

Weights and aerobics: the perfect mix for health

Not only. Both studies concluded that combining aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercises reduces the risk of mortality for all causes, much more than just doing one or the other workout.

Why is weight lifting good for you?

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It is commonly accepted that maintaining good cardiovascular health and a normal body mass index (BMI) are the key to good health and longevity. Muscle training and lifting are part of this picture because they allow us to tone, slim and strengthen the body. Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health scientists say, for example, that weight lifting, yoga and exercises like push-ups twice a week lead to better functioning of the body from many points of view. According to I-Min Lee, Professor of Epidemiology, “Such exercises improve glucose metabolism, allow for the maintenance of a healthy body weight and help improve factors such as blood pressure. And all of this means less cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. which reduces the risk of mortality “. Other benefits of weight training include the development of stronger bones, more physical balance, and better joint support, which reduce the chances of accidental falls or physical injury especially in the elderly.

How much to train with weights?

According to experts, two 30-minute weight training or weight lifting sessions per week is sufficient to improve the state of health. And pairing the weights with 150 minutes of light to moderate cardio training per week is even more beneficial.

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