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Experts warn against Federal Health Minister Lauterbach’s pharmacy reform plans

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Experts warn against Federal Health Minister Lauterbach’s pharmacy reform plans

23.04.2024 – 14:55

ABDA Bundesvgg. German pharmacist associations

Potsdam (ots)

A constitutional and a health economic report invalidate the key points for a pharmacy reform presented by the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG). Although the draft bill for a pharmacy reform announced by Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach for months is not yet available, the ABDA – Federal Association of German Pharmacists’ Associations had commissioned two studies. On the one hand, it should be legally clarified whether the “pharmacy without a pharmacist” pursued by Minister Lauterbach is permissible. On the other hand, it was economically examined how the redistribution of pharmacy fees announced by the ministry would affect the chronically underfunded pharmacies.

The former Federal Constitutional Judge Prof. Dr. Dr. Udo Di Fabio states in his legal opinion “Pharmacists’ duty to be present in the pharmacy”: “With the design and supervision of the pharmacy system, the state fulfills a duty of protection based on the fundamental right to life and physical integrity.” He goes on to write: “The legislature has a lot of room for maneuver when it comes to fulfilling the constitutional mandate of drug safety and safeguarding patient well-being.” Di Fabio concludes that every legislative step “towards a move away from the model of personal control over the dispensing of medicines by a pharmaceutically qualified pharmacist must be assessed as an interference with fundamental rights with regard to suitability and necessity”. ABDA President Gabriele Regina Overwiening says: “Professor Di Fabio’s report proves irrevocably that supply via pharmacies without pharmacists would represent an infringement of fundamental rights. In any case, we have been warning against such proposals for months because they would be harmful to our patients Quality losses and service cuts would result.

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The Gießen economics professor Dr. In his report, Georg Götz answers the question “Does the BMG fee reform slow down the decline in pharmacies?” If the variable pharmacy surcharge – as planned by the ministry – is gradually reduced from 3 to 2 percent and in return the fixed surcharge increases by the funds thereby released, according to Götz there should be no improvement in drug supply for the population: “If health insurance expenditure remains unchanged, it leads “No significant increase in profits for the low-profit pharmacies.” The planned BMG measures are not sufficient to prevent a further decline in the number of pharmacies. Rather, with a view to the pharmacies’ economic indicators, “additional resources” are needed to stop the negative trend. DAV Chairman Dr. Hans-Peter Hubmann comments: “The report clearly shows that the BMG’s plans and announcements are nothing but smokescreens. Not a single pharmacy could be saved by them. Mr. Lauterbach would therefore knowingly accept that more and more people would have to take longer routes to their nearest one Pharmacy would have to go back and the supply to the population is becoming increasingly thin.

More information at www.abda.de and www.dav-wirtschaftsforum.de

Press contact:

Benjamin Rohrer, Head of Communications, 030 40004-132, [email protected]

Christian Splett, deputy press spokesman, 030 40004-137, [email protected]

Original content from: ABDA Bundesvgg. German pharmacist associations, transmitted by news aktuell

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