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Exploring Resources in Public Health: Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni Addresses the Issue at the Festival of the Regions

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Exploring Resources in Public Health: Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni Addresses the Issue at the Festival of the Regions

Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, addressed various topics related to public health during the Festival of the Regions in Turin. Meloni emphasized that the government is committed to ensuring the right to health for all citizens and is open to discussions on how to achieve this objective. The main focus, according to Meloni, is the sustainability of the National Health Service in the face of a complex and challenging context.

Meloni stated that efficient and effective healthcare should be the goal for everyone, but it is important to move beyond just increasing resources. The Prime Minister highlighted the need to concentrate on how resources are spent, as simply spending more may not be enough if the resources are not used efficiently. Meloni called for a different and deeper approach to healthcare.

Regarding the recently approved Nadef 2023, Meloni emphasized that the government is currently working on the budget law. However, she acknowledged that the room for maneuver is limited due to the decisions made by previous governments. The Prime Minister expressed the government’s commitment to cutting the tax wedge and potentially taking steps forward in other areas such as pensions, healthcare, and addressing the declining birth rate, which she described as an economic issue.

Meloni also spoke about the upcoming reforms and the need to change the institutional architecture of the nation to ensure stability and give Italians the opportunity to choose their leaders. She stressed the importance of a merit-based approach and urged for a focus on the common good rather than ideological preconceptions.

In terms of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr), Meloni emphasized the need to make the best use of the available resources to make Italy more competitive. She called for collaboration and highlighted the importance of each individual playing their part in ensuring the success of the Pnrr.

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The Prime Minister also emphasized the importance of strategic choices when it comes to Africa and the Mediterranean. She spoke about the Mattei Plan for Africa, which aims to restore centrality to the Mediterranean and make Italy a strategic player in energy supply and dialogue with the African continent.

Meloni concluded her speech by highlighting the ongoing reform of differentiated regional autonomy, emphasizing that it will continue. She believes that autonomy can contribute to a more united and cohesive Italy, guaranteeing equal services and implementing the principle of subsidiarity. The Prime Minister also called for collaboration between different levels of government and emphasized the need for a more streamlined bureaucratic process.

Overall, Meloni’s address at the Festival of the Regions showcased the government’s commitment to public health and the challenges they face in ensuring a sustainable healthcare system. She emphasized the need for efficiency in resource allocation and called for strategic choices in various areas, including Africa and the Mediterranean.

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