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Extremadura’s Family Medicine Crisis: Only 37 of 98 MIR Places Filled

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Extremadura’s Family Medicine Crisis: Only 37 of 98 MIR Places Filled

Extremadura has closed its worst year in terms of filling Family Medicine positions through the Medical Intern Resident (MIR) program. According to reports from multiple sources, including Hoy.es, Canal Extremadura, and Extremadura 7Días, the region has only managed to cover 37 out of the 98 available positions.

This means that more than 60 places for family doctors in Extremadura remain vacant, representing a vacancy rate of over 62%. This shortage raises concerns about the region’s ability to provide adequate healthcare services to its residents.

The lack of interest in filling these positions is a worrying trend that has been observed in other regions as well. The shortage of medical professionals, especially in primary care, has been a longstanding issue in Spain and is likely exacerbated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The situation highlights the urgent need for measures to attract and retain healthcare professionals in Extremadura and across the country. Without a sufficient number of family doctors, residents may face challenges in accessing timely and quality healthcare services.

Authorities in Extremadura and the Ministry of Health must address this issue promptly to ensure the wellbeing of the population. COPE has also reported on the concerning situation and the need for action to improve the recruitment and retention of medical professionals in the region.

As Extremadura navigates through these challenging times, it is crucial to prioritize the recruitment and support of healthcare providers to guarantee the provision of essential medical services to all residents.

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