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Eye health: the importance of prevention

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More and more people suffer from vision problems; so let’s find out how to prevent or treat the annoying pathologies that affect more and more individuals.

To date in the world beyond 800 million from people suffer from vision problems, of these 45 million are blind and 269 million are visually impaired, while 517 million people wear eyeglasses for reading and carrying out daily activities.

These numbers are provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Blindness Prevention Agency (IAPB) which estimate, in the absence of adequate treatment and prevention, a significant increase in these data in the coming years. According to the WHO 85% of vision disturbances and 75% of blindness they could avoid with the right prevention and adequate medical care.

“The data from the World Health Organization make us reflect on the importance of prevention to cure sight – comments Dr. Marco Moschi, Health Director of Clinica Baviera Italy – Visits to the ophthalmologist are essential to identify disorders and act in time. Often we do not notice that we have some visual defect or if we do notice it we tend not to intervene in the short term. Taking care of our eyes means making a gesture to ensure our body’s well-being. The Week of Ocular Health wants to be an opportunity for everyone to check the quality of sight for free and to understand, in the case of defects, how to intervene “.

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The importance of prevention


Precisely because these pathologies they spread more and more the prevention becomes fundamental. The suggestion is to find out when in your city there are free consultations to find out if you have any visual pathologies.

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