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Eyes may be a little sore, Apple Watch can watch YouTube

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Eyes may be a little sore, Apple Watch can watch YouTube

In many cases, Apple Watch allows users to do a lot of things without using an iPhone, such as listening to music, texting, etc., but if they want to watch YouTube videos, most users will probably still use the iPhone. But now there are third-party apps for watching YouTube videos on the Apple Watch.

The app is called WatchTube, and as the name suggests, it lets you watch YouTube videos on your Apple Watch.

WatchTube does not require complicated settings, and you don’t even need an iPhone, just search for WatchTube download through the watchOS App Store. Once installed, you can watch YouTube videos directly.

WatchTube is divided into four parts, namely home page (will recommend videos), search, media library and settings. “Science and Technology News” actually uses WatchTube to search for videos. Although Apple Watch’s built-in keyboard can be used to input keywords, the QWERTY keyboard can only search in English and Simplified Chinese. If you want to input traditional Chinese, it is recommended to use an iPhone.

According to the data, WatchTube even provides subtitles, and users can choose the subtitle size. If the user doesn’t have AirPods, the sound is played through the watch speakers.

However, it should be noted that WatchTube cannot be linked with the original YouTube account, so it cannot provide subscription content. The WatchTube app requires watchOS 6 or higher to use.

(Source of the first picture: Science and Technology News)

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