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Eyesight Shooter Definitive Edition! “Girl☆Shooting Double Peace” releases new opening animation “Gal*Gun: Double Peace” for Switch version

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The “Girls ☆ Shooting” series is a protagonist who has become a super heartthrob because of some wonderful events. He uses his eyesight (commonly known as: Pheromones Shooting) to let the girls who come to confess one after another ascend to heaven, and target the favorite heroine. A peculiar shooting game with the elements of eyesight shooting and love adventure.

In the second work of the series “Girls ☆ Shooting Double Peace”, the unique gameplay is retained and greatly enhanced everywhere, such as the appearance of demonized radical girls, or the appearance of girls with “Double Peace” “Pose Ascension, etc. The event scene with the heroine of your choice is (in every sense) an intense development waiting for you!

Then in the Nintendo Switch version of this work, almost all the DLCs that have been released on other models are also included, and the opening animation is also completely new. In addition, if there are other “Girls ☆ Shooting” series works, it seems that something good will happen! ? Including the above content, it is the definitive version of “Double Peace”!

Nintendo Switch version of “Girls ☆ Shooting Double Peace” new opening animation is now open

The theme song is “SHOOOOT of Love!” sung by sisters Jinyuan Shinobi (CV. Kamama Jiangwang) and Jinyuan Mayo (CV. Hashimoto Miyako), and the video production is responsible for almost all “Girls ☆ Shooting”. The yo-yu and yokota of the series opening animation. As in the main game, the battle with the apprentice demon “Korona” and demonic creatures is presented in a witty way.

Theme song “SHOOOOT of love!”

  • Performance: Shinobu Kamizono (CV. Emily Uema), Mayu Kamizono (CV. Chinami Hashimoto)

  • Lyrics: Hako Factory

  • Composer: Ippo Yamada

  • Arrangement: Hiroyuki Sato

Product Information

  • Game Name: Girl☆Shooting Double Peace

  • Game Type: Eyesight Shooting Game

  • Game platform: Nintendo Switch

  • Number of players: 1 person

  • Game Rating: Restricted Level 18+

  • Release Date: March 17, 2022 (Thursday)

  • Game price: boxed regular version TWD 1,290 / HKD 348
    Boxed limited edition TWD 1,990 / HKD 538
    Download version TWD 1,290 / HKD 348
    ※ Boxed “Limited Edition” bundled contents・Acrylic drawing board・Series 3 as storage box

  • Publisher: INTI CREATES

  • Official website: http://www.galgun.com/tw/W_sw/


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