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“Face still without sensitivity, but I have to react”

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It’s a Mara Venier smiling, despite everything, the one who speaks on social networks directly from the beach of Forte dei Marmi. The presenter of Sunday In she wanted to update fans about her summer, which is going well despite the terrible health problem that hit her at the end of last television season. «There is a sunset tonight – says Mara in the Instagram stories – Maybe I made myself a mojito, but I see everything beautiful. I don’t even feel my problem, I forget it for a while. They are beautiful moments. It doesn’t last long, but that’s okay. I’m happy and don’t think about anything ».

Mara Venier in the hospital: “Here it is, who knows how it will end.” Fear among fans

Mara Venier still suffers from the consequences of a dental operation that brought her one facial paresis. The presenter, responding to a follower who tells her to see her in shape, wrote: “No, I’m still senseless but I react. I have to“. Meanwhile, Mara is enjoying her summer in Forte with her husband, Nicola Carraro, grandson and friends like Massimo Boldi and Christian De Sica. Waiting for her, in September, there is a new season of Domenica In. The latest as a presenter, according to what was declared by the hostess of the Sunday broadcast of Rai Uno.

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