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Facebook and Twitter removed the rape video shared by Meloni and Salvini: why and how it happened

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Facebook and Twitter removed the rape video shared by Meloni and Salvini: why and how it happened

They are on Twitter there is still talk of the rape that took place the other morning in a Piacenza street and above all the decision of Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy, to share their images. He talks about it despite that video on Twitter is no longer visible. The same happens on Facebook: it is discussed, but it cannot be seen.

Both platforms have removed the images, because both have deemed them not compliant with their rules: in detail, from Meta they have explained to us that the violated rules are those relating to the so-called sexual exploitation of adults (you can read them here)while on Twitter, instead of the offending twitter there is This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules and a link that refers to Our policy enforcement options (which is this page here).


YouTube’s fight against spam: the news to block harassing comments

by Emanuele Capone

How come those images ended up online

According to what has been reconstructed, the video of the rape was made by the same person who warned the police and allowed the arrest of the rapist: he filmed everything from the window of his houseprobably (we imagine) to deliver the footage to the police.

Subsequentlyhowever, the site of the Messenger has published (and then removed) the video of the rape: the protagonists are not seen, because they are pixelated, but you can hear the heartbreaking screams of the woman who suffers the violence. Sundaythe secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, shared a screenshot of the video on Facebook, while Monday morning Meloni has just posted everything on Twitter.

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twitter: Giorgia Meloni’s explanation for sharing the video

Why the video was removed

In the following hours, the controversies began, both on the part of other political forces (but not all: Emma Bonino said that “rape is indecent, not the publication of images”) and many, many ordinary people.

From the perspective of Facebook and Twitter, two things are likely to have happened, even simultaneously: the large number of reports received from posts attracted the attention of content moderation software and human moderators themselves; the video content (especially the audio track) automatically triggered the audit procedures and then the eventual removal. Which happened relatively quickly, considering the amount of content that is published on social media: Twitter has over 10 million users in Italy, Facebook it has almost 3 billion in the world, who photograph, comment and post every day; on YouTube more than 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute; on TikTok over 3 billion videos are uploaded per month.

Interestingly, Twitter also predicts a Notice of Public Interest Exception: online we read that “in rare cases, we may find the presence of a public interest that requires keeping a tweet accessible otherwise in violation of our rules “. The content remains visible, but accompanied by a stamp. But this did not happen with the tweet of the leader of the Brothers of Italy.

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