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Facebook, Twitter and TikTok adhere to the new EU rules against fake news

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Facebook, Twitter and TikTok adhere to the new EU rules against fake news

The European Commission has announced a new Code of Conduct I count the disinformation on the net. In fact, a more stringent revision than the original one in 2018. The new code, according to Brussels, has already obtained the signature of 33 subjects, including ‘big tech’ such as Google, Facebook (Meta), Microsoft, Twitter e TikTok. Among the commitments envisaged in the revised code, among other things, the cut in financial incentives for disinformation, interventions to stop manipulative behaviors such as fake accounts, ‘bots’ or the spread of disinformation, greater fact-checking and the creation of a Center and a task force for the supervision and implementation of the code.

The board

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What the new code provides

The signatories of the first code were 16, today they have doubled. Not only platforms but also the online advertising industry, ad-tech companies, fact-checkers. The Code is also growing in terms of commitmentsgoing from 21 to 44. There are obligations both to cover new manipulative behaviors, such as fake accounts, bots or malicious deep fakes that spread disinformation, and to provide users with tools to recognize, understand and report misinformation.


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The Code calls for fact-checking to be expanded in all EU countries and all its languages ​​and to ensure the transparency of political advertising. In addition, the Code aims to establish a Center for Transparency and a Task Force for an overview of its implementation. The signatories have six months to implement the commitments and the measures they have signed up to and, in early 2023, will provide the Commission with the first implementation reports. For those who do not respect the rules, there are fines of up to 6% of the global turnover.

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